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Zed-Systems is a company that assists small and medium sized businesses who use QuickBooks or MYOB with technology based solutions. Zed stands for Zero Entry of Data and that’s our goal. By employing our knowledge and expertise of accounting systems and technology, we can eliminate unnecessary data entry from the workplace. In turn that reduces costs, increases productivity and develops the technical skills and resources of our clients which assists their businesses to grow and prosper.

How to search and replace data when importing into QuickBooks using Zed ... via @YouTube

How to join columns together when importing into QuickBooks using Zed Axis via @YouTube

As a new user I find the software itself extremely easy and it takes hours and hours of data entry off my hands. It imports all data to quickbooks effortlessly and accurately! 

I just discovered, downloaded, installed and used this Zed Axis software to solve a QuickBooks problem that has been driving me nuts for years - the truncation of notes in the time tracker. It took about 15 minutes following the video tutorial all the way, and it was seamless! I'm on a trial version and will be happy to pay for it at the end of the trial.

After struggling with transaction importers/exporters for many years, Zed Axis has finally come along and lifted months of work off my shoulders in just a few hours. The intuitive interface makes getting up and going a breeze.