B2B sales and marketing: 4 smart tips to grow your business in 2022

- February 12, 2022 3 MIN READ
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As we enter 2022, business owners are eager to hit the ground running following two difficult years. For successful growth in 2022, businesses need to spend more time on their business rather than in their business writes James Cashmore, CEO and Head of Strategy at business lead agency, Lead Express.

Omicron, the latest COVID wave, has proven that the pandemic is far from over. Businesses need to continue to adapt and persevere through uncertainty to maintain healthy growth, but there is also an opportunity to innovate in ways they never have before.

During this COVID-19 climate, businesses need to reimagine their strategy, get their cash flow right and hyper-personalise their communication.

4 B2B sales and marketing tips to help grow your business in 2022

1. Leverage social media to generate leads

One of the top mistakes businesses make is that they think social media is about them – when in fact, it is quite the opposite.

On social media, your business’ sales and marketing team is able to contribute to your growth and reputation by communicating on a more personal level with potential clients.

Research indicates that using LinkedIn to generate business leads has become one of the leading B2B sales trends in recent years.

When sharing content on LinkedIn, monitor who engages with the posts. You should follow up with people who engage with your content – starting a conversation can lead to setting up a consultation to discuss your product or service.

Businesses need to use their LinkedIn business profile with intention – business leads will not come to you, rather you will have to work for them.

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2. Hyper-personalise your communication

Your communication needs to come down to the individual who you are speaking to. B2B businesses can create more meaningful connections with potential clients by hyper-personalising their communication accordingly. But how do you effectively do this?

Your sales and marketing team can create specific, tailored offers to potential clients, to suit their exact needs and requirements.

B2B buyers are already being inundated with generalised advertisements, marketing emails and offers every day. Taking that extra step to create custom content for an individual will grab their attention and interest in what you have to offer.

3. Identify your unique selling point (USP)

A simple way to identify your unique selling point is to ask your clients: ‘Why did I win?’ Inwardly reflect on this information and why people choose your product or services over competitors, and drive hard with that.

The same goes for potential clients that you don’t win over. Businesses should always ask: ‘Why did I lose?’ and if there is validation in the reasons they give you, then make an effort to change those.

Your USP needs to be optimised to your target audience. Look at where your product or service fits in the market amongst your competitors – what is lacking in your market and what are the most common complaints amongst your competitors? Look at your point of difference and drive this in your messaging.

Remember, once you’ve identified your USP and nailed your messaging, you have to ensure you deliver to your clients on that promise in order to hold them and facilitate the growth you desire.

4. Consider a business lead agency

Growing your business and securing successful leads is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Considering a business lead agency is the most efficient and effective way to secure appointments with potential clients fast.

Business lead agencies like Lead Express use extensive digital, direct mail and executive phone based expertise to generate guaranteed, qualified leads for businesses of all sizes.

This post first appeared on Kochie’s Business Builders you can read the original here.

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