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How you can use calendar moments, like Valentine’s Day to drive sales

- February 14, 2024 3 MIN READ
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Think Valentine’s Day is only relevant to florists and chocolate shops? Think again. Valentine’s Day is one of many calendar moments throughout the year that provides small businesses with an opportunity to market their products and services in new and engaging ways, writes Author: Emma Fawcett, General Manager SME, MYOB.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and public holidays are all times in the year when small businesses can – and do – make the most of a spike in sales.

If you don’t already, here are a few ways you can feel the business love for Valentine’s Day this year, and apply the same thinking to other calendar moments throughout 2024.

Love is all-encompassing

Once a Hallmark holiday for loved-up romantic couples, Valentine’s Day has expanded to include all kinds of love and connection.

Whether it’s love for your friends (hello Galentine’s Day!), love for yourself, LGBTQI+ love or love for your family, the 14th of February is now an inclusive kind of love-in, so ditch the preconceptions you might have about tables for two, expensive champagne and red roses.

The same can be said for other calendar moments. Mother’s Day isn’t just for nuclear families, it’s a chance to celebrate all kinds of mother figures in our lives. And religious traditions aside, Easter is seen by many as an opportunity to connect with family, and enjoy sweet treats and memory-making.

Connect with your customers.

With this in mind, consider the kind of love your customers might have or might be looking for this Valentine’s Day. Then tailor your marketing to share this message and look for ways to show your customers you appreciate them.

This might be special offers and discounts to share the love, two-for-one offers (one for you and one for someone you love) or encouraging social media moments through a themed campaign or competition.

At other times of the year, there might be creative ways to connect with your customers that are relevant to the season and its associated traditions.

Collaboration is key

If your business doesn’t lend itself to the traditional idea of Valentine’s Day, collaborating with a more obvious Valentine’s Day partner is a great way to share the love and reach new audiences.

Look at your networks and think about ways you could collaborate. For example, you might run a competition where your customers can win goods from a local florist, winery or chocolatier. By pooling products from a number of providers to create a mega seasonal prize, which all of the participating SMEs can then promote to their networks, you can achieve cross-promotion for all involved.

Surprise and delight

Invest some time in thinking about creative ways to piggyback off calendar moments this year. If you’re in the professional services space, consider fun ways to share the love for your people on LinkedIn this Valentine’s Day. Or convey some of the love you’ve received over the years and why it holds such a special place in your business’s heart. This could be a glowing review, customer story or seeing your product or service ‘in the wild’.

Father’s Day might be a chance to share wise words from the dads on your team or a piece of business advice your dad gave you. Think about how you can make the celebration feel more human and relatable.

Keep it quirky

If your business is the opposite of a typical Valentine’s Day product or service, that too, can be a great opportunity to market creatively.

If you’re a cleaning service, you could talk about the kind of gifts people actually want. Many would love a clean house (without having to lift a finger), much more than last-minute chocolates from the local supermarket. Could you create Valentine’s Day vouchers to get your customers thinking about your business as part of their gifting?

Focus on the details

If you’re packing orders manually, then consider ways to add a little love to each parcel. This could be a small themed note to your customer, an additional offer or discount on their next order, or a small treat to make your customer’s experience that little bit sweeter.

These kinds of small efforts can go a long way to make any calendar moment throughout the year feel more memorable for your customers and community.

Think of each special date as an opportunity to creatively market your business to new and existing customers, or build partnerships and collaborations with like-minded businesses. It’s a chance to help your business stand out from the crowd and demonstrate the personality and values that make your brand so uniquely you.

 This post first appeared on Kochie’s Business Builders. You can read it here.

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