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At Flying Solo we're strongly committed to improving the resilience of small business owners. As evidence of this, we want to continually increase the small business mental health resources throughout our community.

Small Business Mental Health Heads Up LogoIn 2016 we were invited to work with Heads Up, an initiative of beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance.

Our involvement included contributing to a project coordinated by the Council of Small Business Australia (COSBOA) and Leanne Faulkner – whose extraordinary story can be heard both in a video we have created and in an interview on the Flying Solo Podcast. Both appear below.

Small Business Mental Health ATO Logo

In addition and also in 2016 our founder, Robert Gerrish was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion conducted by the Australian Tax Office that has contributed to their growing program of support for small business owners who struggle with mental health issues. Through their work, the ATO are able to observe and respond to signals from individuals who may be under growing stress. Read more of this work here.


Video: Wellbeing at Work

Having built an award-winning household brand, in 2011 Leanne Faulkner was diagnosed with depression triggered by extreme work pressure. Turning a breakdown into a breakthrough, today she is a passionate advocate for the improvement of small business mental health and wellbeing in the lives of Australian business owners.

In this recording of a Flying Solo webinar, which was generously supported by Heads Up, an initiative of beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, Leanne shares her personal story.

Small business mental health podcasts

Issues of small business mental health are frequently covered in Flying Solo podcasts. Here are the most recent:

One of our fine contributors Sharon Chisholm recently volunteered to assist the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner, in a bid to improve the services and resources promoted by that department. As you can see here, she did a fine job!  We will continue to add to this page as our involvement deepens and are keen to hear of new initiatives as they arise. Please simply get in touch with any comments or feedback.

Together we hope the Flying Solo community makes a tangible and lasting improvement to small business mental health across Australia. Within our community forums, this section often includes active conversations regarding general small business health and wellbeing and we invite you to dive in and join the discussion.

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