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15 minutes with member Leigh White

- August 15, 2017 3 MIN READ

A terrible family tragedy took Transformational Coach, Leigh White on a very personal journey; one that left her inspired to help others make the most of their lives.

Describe your “aha” moment. When did your business idea first come to you?

There absolutely was a defining moment that brought me to where I am today. It happened in 2006 when I lost my brother to suicide. We didn’t see it coming and I didn’t know what to do with my grief. My world stopped.

That kind of tragic and sudden loss is in your head and your heart every day. It’s like a tide that ebbs and flows with occasional tidal waves. It’s really hard to gain any traction. I had to do something about it.  Even in the first couple of days after my brother’s death, I knew in my heart I had a calling to do something about suicide in our community.

How did you get into coaching?

I started listening to the wisdom and perspective my brother had been trying to share with me: to stress less, not to worry all the time just for the sake of getting ahead. He was trying to teach me that there was more to life and it was not a race.

At Soultopia, I coach women who want to create the life they desire. I watch them identify blocks and self-limiting beliefs, and become aware that to regain clarity and lose their sense of overwhelm, they have to re-write their internal stories.

Describe the “why” of your business:

My ‘why’ is that nobody deserves less than total freedom and empowerment. My expertise is in training women to be empowered through voice, visibility, clarity and confidence and to really be engaged on a proven path to transform their lives.

Describe your customer/client. Why do you want to help them?

I work with women who are feeling overwhelmed or know they want radical change and fulfilment in their lives.  My clients fall into two main categories: busy working professionals and/or mums and creative entrepreneurs.

Why? My first-hand experience of rebuilding life after tragedy and actually going through massive transformation, restoring courage and confidence was life-changing. Others deserve this too and I am passionate about facilitating this journey for committed women.

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

The freelancing world has changed so much since I started; I now work with clients and suppliers all over the world. Managing time-zones is interesting as is making time to get my head around any new tech or software I need to work with. So overall, just being super organised and aware of time factors is a focus for me.

Has anything surprised you about working for yourself?

I enjoy the independence of working for myself. Over the years I’ve engaged a range of consultants to work with me on my client’s projects, so I’ve never felt alone. I’ve also had an assistant helping on a casual basis. I know that I achieve more working solo and am more effective without interruptions.

What’s the best part of the life you’re living now you’re a soloist?

Flexibility, freedom, creativity and knowing that whatever I invest my time/energy/creativity in, it’s not working for someone else’s dream. It is serving my passion to have a positive impact on this planet; while doing all that I can support and be present for my family at the level I feel is appropriate.

Got a hot tip for simplifying the soloist life?

Get a mentor ASAP; this is something I did very informally for years, just relying on my network. When you take the plunge and make the sacrifice to invest in a mentor focused on your business goals, it will change things for the better, as it has for me.

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