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I lost access to my Facebook account – here is how I turned adversity into opportunity

- March 5, 2024 2 MIN READ
Facebook access denied

Social media is a central part of modern life. From personal messages to business relationships, Facebook and other platforms help us to connect and communicate. I was fully immersed in this reality until one shocking day in March 2020 — when I was locked out of my Facebook account, writes digital marketer Prosper Taruvinga.

The global pandemic had just begun, and I was completely reliant on Facebook for my business.

My company was spending 50-100k on ads for our clients — and with one anonymous decision — we were stopped dead in our tracks. I tried to get the profile back multiple times, but after repeated failures, I eventually gave up.

While my initial reaction bordered on confusion and despair, I wasn’t ready to be a pawn in Zuckerberg’s world.

After some deep contemplation, I decided to get proactive and find a solution. While I was still optimistic about the social nature of the internet, I came to a profound realisation — you can’t live on borrowed land forever.

New beginnings

During this period, I discovered a new way to do business. I was already part of an online networking group, and I made renewed efforts to attend physical events and meet people face-to-face. With new passion and energy, I even won Networker of the Year for this group in 2020.

Separated from the Facebook juggernaut, I began looking for new ways to connect with the world.

I decided to create a podcast, sending my signal into the world for 30 minutes each day. As people started paying attention, I was motivated to engage with my audience on a deeper level. I asked people to send in questions, which I responded to in the following episode. This podcast now has 300 episodes, which are divided into 6 seasons.

This podcast has now been sunsetted, but the content is still working hard. Each episode acts as a landing page, linking back to my website and is promoted via email to generate interest. When someone joins my mailing list, they’re introduced to episode one and a new relationship is formed. This body of work is evergreen — building valuable new connections based on work already performed.

The podcast is a gift that keeps on giving, and it only happened because I was de-platformed.

The moral of this story is simple: learn to grow on your own terms. Sometimes it seems like a seed is buried for good. But really, it’s just waiting for a new phase of life. Not only has my business doubled since I left Facebook, but my clients are more appreciative and I spend time doing what I love — interviews not admin.

Had I stayed on Facebook, my podcast would have never been created. I wouldn’t know where my leads were coming from, and I wouldn’t have a passive body of work to engage my audience for years to come. Today, I’m a digital marketer making waves and helping others without being reliant on Facebook. I own the land where I stand, I plant my own seeds, and I cultivate valuable relationships to help my business grow.

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