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5 steps to define your mission statement

- July 6, 2021 2 MIN READ
A mission statement can help you define the core values of your brand

It can be very intimidating to launch into a mission statement, it sounds so large and overpowering. And it is. Your mission statement is the power driver behind your brand. It is your connection to your customers and the reason they buy from you and engage with you, writes Tori Kopke.

5 steps to create your perfect mission statement

1. Start with a brain dump

Write down all of the words that you feel are strongly connected to your business. Use a combination of verbs and adjectives. Your business is active so include words like “growing” and “developing” as those will be key indicators in the direction of your mission statement. Feel free to add in some pictures if you feel images can capture your mission in a way you haven’t found words to articulate. At this stage you are defining the values and purpose of your brand.

2. Refine the words you have written down.

Focus on the words that truly resonate with you. Analyse if there is a consistent theme throughout the words you have selected. Are there any soul touching words that you can easily connect as values to drive your business? Select 3-5 words as your values that will go on to define your mission.

3. Test your audience

Talk to your customers, ask them what does my business mean to you? Ensure you are on the same page as your customers. You want your brand to match the market’s interpretation and ideas, especially in a well established business. This doesn’t mean your customers are defining your brand, it means you’re getting feedback from your existing market to drive your future brand.

4.include your goals in your mission statement

Write down the goals that you aim to achieve in your business in the next 1,3, and 5 years. These should be overarching goals for your business. If you plan to increase your product range or expand to new locations or extend your reach, these are all great examples. Don’t forget about your customers while you are writing your goals, they should definitely be considered on your journey!

5. Now, put it together

You’ve defined your values and your market’s perception. Now in one (two sentences max) you need to put it all together. This is the really challenging step (we know).  Here is a good place to start “(Insert business name) aims to (insert number one goal) with the values of (value 1) (value 2) (value 3) and deliver our customers (insert number one promise to customers).” It is a simple way to start, and then reword until you are comfortable.

Now what?

Do you need to publish it?

Not necessarily, it can be your internal mission statement. Something that really resonates and drives you. 

Can you change it? 

Without a doubt. I like to think of business as ever evolving and growing. So it makes sense for our mission statements to grow and change as well. 

What should I do with it? 

Laminate it. Pop it on your email signature. Put it as a tagline on your About Us page. Whenever you are having doubts just come back to it to help ground you.

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