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Not just your average career coach

- August 21, 2018 3 MIN READ

Denise Mooney is a career coach with a twist; she uses tarot cards to help her clients discover their work purpose.

Sceptics take note: When explaining the unique approach Denise Mooney takes in her business, one thing is very clear: tarot is not fortune telling.

“I’m all about finding your purpose in life and that’s what people who come to me are concerned with,” said Denise. “Often people think it’s fortune telling but it’s not and that’s not how I use it. I use the cards to tune into what’s going for you. And tarot is one way of tuning into your intuition.”

Denise told Flying Solo that tarot is ‘a bit like meditation’ –  a tool we can use to tap into our intuition, because we are not taught to do that.

“We actually forget we have the ability to tap into our intuition. So I help people to remember that they can trust themselves and that it’s OK to trust yourself.”

Tarot shines a light when life gets overwhelming

Denise describes her typical client as being in the ‘mystery stage’ of life.

“People come to me in this stage where they know they need to change. They are overwhelmed and they don’t not what they should do. And even if they have a clear career goal, it’s just a really uncomfortable stage and this is where people need a lot of support,” she said.

For clients with the added responsibility of raising a family, Denise says a crisis of career can be particularly tricky to navigate.

“When you are the breadwinner and you have people relying on you but you’re unhappy in your job, it’s important to validate that what you’re feeling is real. These feelings emerge not just because you are avoiding something, or that you simply hate your job. Finding your life purpose is about being true to yourself and listening to what it is you really want. And that’s what I can help.”

‘I thought people would judge me’

Denise hasn’t always used tarot in her career coaching, but says adding that skill to her service has brought significant benefits to her business.

“A few years ago I met a colleague who was really interested in tarot and she was very intuitive. So I started with a pack of cards, doing reading for myself and my interest started developing,” said Denise.

The turning point was the Doreen Virtue conference in Melbourne last year. I was surrounded by people like me who were interested in the tarot cards. At first I thought maybe it was strange and people would judge me for it, but I followed it anyway. As time went on I found a community of people who were working in a spiritual way and I realised it was a part of who I was and it was OK.”

How do the tarot coaching sessions work?

When you sign up for a session with Denise, the online form prompts you to ask your career question.

“I will do the tarot reading before we talk and focus on the question or problem they have raised in the form. And we talk through what I have discovered at the start of the session. We discuss whatever things come up in the cards and then I help them with strategies for dealing with these things – that’s where the counselling session comes into play.”

Denise urges her clients to come with an open mind and to take responsibility for putting their plans in action.

“I don’t tell people: ‘You should do that’, I read the message in the cards and then the clients knows what it is about. Sometimes it will be related to career and sometimes not,” she said.

Soloist tip!

“My biggest tip would be to stop looking at your competitors. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing. You have to run your own race and trust in your instincts and decisions. Just because someone else is offering a specific type of service doesn’t mean you should. When you stop worrying about what other people are doing you will feel more at peace because you won’t be constantly comparing yourself.”

Find more about Denise on her website.