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The magic of momentum for business success

- December 7, 2021 3 MIN READ
momentum helps your business grow

In business, momentum is powerful. Momentum is that place where, almost magically, everything starts going your way. A point where there is not so much effort, where everything is easy and where things just happen. It’s that sweet spot.

With momentum, your business grows. However, momentum is not something that we can control.

The power of momentum and focus within businesses is quite possibly the most underrated and undervalued skill. I say ‘skill’ because it is an art that, when mastered, can lead to the total transformation of your team, business and life.

I like to refer to momentum as an internal power that goes well beyond hard work and long hours. It is well and truly the most important thing for your business success.

In sport, momentum is when you are ‘in the zone’ or it is that white moment where everything is going your way without you trying, where the pass ‘just’ comes off, where the shot ‘just’ goes in, and the putts just roll in. Almost miraculously, everything goes your way.

The same goes in business and life. All of a sudden, your work is starting to pay off. More people start noticing you, they give you compliments and want to work with you.

Momentum is when the work that you put in is returning three or four-fold but the effort of it is simply not there. Life is fun, business is enjoyable and doing the work is not a drainer on your energy, time and life.That’s what momentum looks like.

So where is your life or business or performance on the momentum scale? Does any of the above resonate as to where you are or what you need?

Does it send shivers of ‘I’m in a difficult place’? Or are you amazed at how accurate it is to your current circumstances?

Hopefully, the latter. But don’t worry if was more a mirror image into your struggles because momentum can shift in your favour very quickly when you get a couple of things in order.

Here is how to overcome lethargy and create momentum

1. Be clear on ONE goal

The killer of productivity and accomplishment is the lack of decision on a single focus. It is no wonder that the number one thing that any billionaire or multimillionaire wants if they were to re-build their businesses is, focus.

The amount of time wasted, not spent, by small business owners because they do so much rather then focus on one exclusive goal, is the reason for their anxiety, mental health deterioration and lack of financial success

Can pulling back, focusing on just one thing, when there’s a million other things, really be the answer? 100% yes. The hardest part is having the discipline and trust to follow through with it.

Try this: give yourself one exclusive focus for the next 21 days. Set a goal and play full out. Keep the goal in front of you and see it and feel it often. The results will blow your mind and how you do life will never be the same.

2. Feeling Good and momentum

The whole deal with ‘personal development’ can be summed up in two words, ‘Feel Good’. Because when you feel good, you do good.

It is the simplest of concepts, yet for so many in business it is easier said than done.

Anyone can achieve ridiculous amounts of success by raising their energy, becoming more life force, and developing into a higher energy person. This means that events and circumstances will remarkably start going your way, things will attract to you and you will see your results improve toward what you actually want them to be.

Try this: begin by focusing on what is good about your circumstances. Shift your attention from lack, insecurity and failure to appreciation for what is.I personally have made the habit of saying ‘That’s good’ to everything that happens, especially that which initially doesn’t feel and seem so ‘good’. This simple habit, if you practice it (which I strongly encourage you to) will help you maintain a great level of higher energy.

So, what can you expect if you’re in momentum or in ‘flow’?

When you are in momentum it’s like being a plane in the sky. So far up that there is no resistance, the pilots barely put their foot on the throttle and the plane just flies.

However, with momentum comes responsibility. As soon as you stop doing the basics, relax or let go of the standards that you held for yourself, the momentum will leave.

And this isn’t a bad thing. It’s the sheer nature of momentum.

Consistent momentum is possible. It will just take a new perspective of what the purpose of the journey is.

Try not to be too hard on yourself. Don’t judge yourself or life around you. Remember that we don’t climb the mountain for the large green spaces at the top, it’s about the climb.

Enjoy the process and the journey of climbing up to the peak of momentum.

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