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Got a business dream big enough to scare you? Don’t let that stop you

- May 19, 2019 5 MIN READ

Stand differentiated, a visionary gunning for something larger-than-life? Welcome – to a realist class of the rare entrepreneur.

Nowadays it seems that everywhere you turn – friends or colleagues – everyone’s looking to ‘start something of their own’, or continue on with a ‘side hustle.’ Ugh – just that word ‘hustle’ or ‘grind’ is sometimes enough to turn me off a person.

A few of you out there will understand. It’s a simple mind-frame – stamping a label to your hard-work when you’re right in the crux of it can seem annoying.

Well those of you that can relate to this are likely under the process of not actioning an idea – but your dream. And these are exactly the rare few that often find that their larger-than-life ambitions seem unrealistic and unattainable.

But reasons for staying true to your goal, despite these fears, are too rarely discussed. 

If your entrepreneurial dream seems too far-fetched, it’s also likely that you’re among the rare few that face stumbles across your ultimate purpose. Which makes you among a rare class of entrepreneurs like Colonel Sanders and Elon Musk. People read about these visionaries and share their stories as motivational sources.

So, before you give up – here’s how to go about executing your ideas without letting them get the better of you. Or worse yet – give up before you even do something about it. Only to have it stay busting at the back of your head forever.

Accept that you are unique

You’ll see many people throw the term ‘entrepreneurship’ or ‘start-up’ nowadays like it’s nothing. It seems that entrepreneurship itself is becoming an industry. This is because people are pursuing ventures not to pursue a purpose – but to join the rising business ownership trend and have that label to justify their self-control over their own life.

Don’t listen to the doubters

Let’s call them ‘regulars.’ These regulars are traditionally in pursuit of a venture because they’ve either spotted a gap in the market, know that they this falls within their capabilities, or see it as a great way to acquire fame or fortune.

The paramount difference between ‘innovators’ and ‘regulars’ will be your foundational motivations. Your ultimate motivation isn’t so basic. Yes, it may be an attractive by-product that you can’t wait for. But your endgame is much bigger than that.

To give you an example, while I enjoy these by-product perks available from the film industry, I have messages I wish to instil in society. And I always perceived feature films as the ultimate source of embedding my messages into the global society. It’s just a beautiful confirmation that all my hobbies since childhood are now directly applicable assets, which correlate with my dream.

In short – my dream and purpose made my venture. Not the other way around.

All your arrows should line up

As a child, I always loved acting and creative, narrative writing. Fast-forward to university days, I pursued a marketing degree because I found my role at the time enjoyable. Fast-forward another few years, I was unemployed and had no work and no motivation to do anything.

All my hobbies, professional life and essentially all aspects of my life gave me mixed signals and a blindingly opaque future direction of myself.

However, it was then, at the lowest of my lows when all the arrows magically (yes, by every sense of the word), aligned to point in one direction and bring my innovator and dream forward. My lifelong actions, the marketeer background, my long-founded acting and writing hobbies – everything became a skill I’d need to make the best of if I was to reach my goal.

The takeaway here: all the arrows should line up. Every unreasoned decision you’ve made so far – should now make sense.

Be humble in your pursuit

One trait you’ll find comes naturally is an extremely humble stance on your dream. It’s an oddly beautiful feeling, right? This is because with the realisation of your dream, comes an otherworldly sense of respect for your vision. And naturally – a newfound razor-vision focus.

Normally, you may find that your drive and motivation can only be present as limited fuel. But not for this. Not now.

When you’re too busy actioning and gunning towards your goal, all the other irrelevant thoughts and other normally attractive desires seem like belittled distractions.

Accomplishments you normally wanted to share with your close ones, now seem secretive. You’re in your own world – on a mission that’s specifically your concern and yours only. This is undoubtedly the biggest, and the most beautiful, character change you’ll newly find yourself experiencing. And it can be an unexpected, newfound personality and behavioural trait which gives rise to self-doubting questions.

Why am I so closed-off now? Is this path going to push me towards introversions in the long-term? And eventually – is this venture healthy for me now, or completely takeover my ability to socialise?

It’s a fine line. Make sure that you continually self-evaluate your level of immersion during the pursuit of your dream, and don’t let it consume you as a person. Eventually, a refreshed, clear head will keep you on a productive track.

Keep your head on straight

When you have a powerful purpose you can be at risk of having it completely consume your life. 

I often found myself telling my confidants that I’m out with friends while I’d be working – all to avoid being labelled an obsessive, workaholic. Even I thought I was crazy – what would others think? Don’t worry. As long as you know that you can tell yourself confidently that you aren’t totally out-there – accept it, avoid seeking validation from others, and move on.

Don’t let it overwhelm you and keep in mind that while you carry an incredible sense of larger-than-life aspirations with you all the time, the real things still matter. It all circles back to keeping your down-to-earth self, alive.

For all you know your venture could take years to give you even the slightest indication of the return you long for. However, the life survival essentials such as staying financially stable and  mentally and physically healthy are essential.

While in the middle of your dream, any other work or task may seem irrelevant. But maintaining a job ais vital – and whether you can see the connection or not – ultimately aiding your goal.

Avoid burning out with self-care

It’s an overwhelming experience to be so sure that this is what you will definitely be doing for the rest of your life. It’s this unexpected set-in-stone certainty that often leaves these rare entrepreneurs biting dust. But if you can keep yourself manageable, continually refreshed and focused – you’ll be on on-track in a productive manner without letting your emotions overwhelm you.

One thing I’ve learned which comes with an immovable certainty and belief in my envisioned purpose – don’t let anyone’s conflicting influence and advice change your strategy or plans. You’ll come cross many authorities in your journey, and most will be far experienced than you. Listen to external advice, contemplate it, mull over it for as long as you want to. But eventually don’t doubt your inner-voice if it says to overlook it.

Remember – your gut feeling played the initial foundation of your venture and idea conception. Don’t be scared when things aren’t going according to plan – these things take time. Always remember that ‘the why’ of your ambitions will always be your ultimate saviour in times of hopelessness and fatigue.

Hang in there, believe in yourself, stay level-headed and strive patiently for that day you were made for.


Jay Bedi is an Actor, Screenwriter & Founder of creative film agency, Nylero Entertainment. He’s also the Content Marketing Strategist at Indago Digital. Jay’s currently pursuing commercialising Australia’s film industry through his own, aspired film productions.