Going solo

The best reason to start your own business

- November 16, 2017 2 MIN READ

Challenges come and go but nothing beats the exhilaration of taking charge.

This week’s must-read

Three cheers for freedom!

“Small biz people can do anything,” declares Amanda Vanelderen in her tongue-in-cheek column about the solo Christmas party.

“Round up a bunch of like-minded small and solo biz types for a long lunch….and pat each other on the back for another year of business bravery.” Alternatively “Order the deluxe platter and force your family to eat crudités and mini sushi for a week.”

Soloist Life

Flying Solo contributor and author of eight books Heather Smith shares her book writing secrets. “I know the structure of what I have to write from the Table of Contents, so the night before I go to bed I review what I will write the following day, and let my brain mull over it during the sleep process. I think sleep is a very powerful part of being creative and producing your best work.”

New and renewing members…

This week’s new members are Little Party DressBygone Money Recovery, Francisco Lagos, Smart Cleaning Solutionsthe D & Y practice and eVoice AustraliaPhallosanTrace Your Profits are renewing for another year. It’s so great to have you all on board!

Tech Tip

Mailshake, ContactOut and Snip.Ly: three easy-to-use tools that columnist Nick Brogden recommends to streamline your email outreach process and deliver better results.

From the forums

Member @renepai wants to own a gym and wonders, is a franchise the best way to go? “Approach some of the gym chains. They usually have franchise reps you can talk to about start-up costs. But keep in mind that some of the franchise models tend to be overly optimistic so always do your own calculations,” advises Studio_S.


Are you paying yourself first? If not, and you’re basing your business success on what the ATM allows you to withdraw, this week’s podcast episode with Najma Khan is just for you.

Productivity Tip

“I am a hunter, I am committed to my purpose, I invest in my business success.” Feel yourself sliding into the fear zone? Then take a few minutes to adopt this mantra, says contributor Naomi Stockman.


“Do something exceptional for your customers”

Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit via Facebook.