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Thinking of starting a small business?

- September 30, 2007 < 1 MIN READ

We know this newsletter’s readership includes a number of individuals who would love to fly solo, but aren’t. If you’re thinking of starting a new small business, then this one’s for you.

An array of questions face you and your fellow would-be soloists.

“How will I cope financially?”
“Will I be good enough to compete?”
“Is working alone going to be enjoyable?”

It may seem that the old hands have all the answers here, but I can assure you that is not the case, necessarily. The key difference, though, is that once you’re a soloist, such questions stop being theoretical and start being practical. You’ll find the answer because you have to.

In the end, I believe there is only one major question facing those thinking of starting a new small business, which is “Am I willing to take the leap of faith?”

All of life’s big decisions require such a leap and starting a new small business is one that, once taken, is rarely regretted.  A bit like parenthood, I imagine.

I know that of all the soloists involved in Flying Solo, from the contributors to the readers, a vast majority would urge you to do it. We think the view from the solo stage is brilliant and we want you up here.

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So would-be soloists add a comment and tell the world  what’s holding you back from starting a new small business. And those already flying, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give to those who have yet to go solo?

Mine would be to peruse our website’s Starting Out section for inspiration.

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