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5 hacks for changing your energetics around money

- May 8, 2023 3 MIN READ
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Money is energy, and if you want to earn more in your business (let’s be honest, don’t we all!) you need to start to work with the energetics of money. Now, that might sound a little bit ‘woo-woo’, but there are some very practical actions you can undertake to allow cash to flow to your bottom line with more ease, writes money mentor Clare Wood, author of Intentional Profit.

1. Create easy ways for money to flow into your business

Often business owners, particularly at the scaling phase, are wanting to leap into the next income level, and yet there aren’t many ways that actually allow potential customers to work them.

Do a quick audit of your business right now – how many avenues are there for clients to work with you? Do you have passive income streams (for example, eBooks or courses)? Is it easy for clients to book in your services, or do they have to go through a lengthy process to book in some time with you?

Take a moment and consider, what are some things that you could to do to open more channels for finances to flow more freely into your business?

2. Be aware of your language and thoughts and reframe them

This is one of the foundations of the money mindset work. It’s exploring how you think and talk about money. Because the thoughts you are thinking become your belief framework (which in turn, becomes your reality!).

For example, do you use phrases like “Ugh, this probably won’t work anyway … things rarely work out for me,” or do you have a more optimistic way of framing opportunities?

If you find yourself having negative thoughts about money, catch them and reframe them in a more positive way. There is power in words!

Listen to Clare Wood on the Flying Solo podcast:

3. Analyse your behaviours around finances

Another hack is to look at your own behaviour around money. How are you treating your finances? Are you investing in your own business? Do you pay your suppliers on time?

If money is important to you, how much of your time and energy are you investing into managing your finances and working on your money mindset? How you treat clients and your own finances is an energetic symbol of how you want money to treat you!

4. Gratitude for what you already have

It sounds clichéd, but being grateful for what you have is so damn powerful when you are wanting to attract more.

When you focus on what you do have (even if it feels like you don’t have very much right now!), that will grow. The energy around gratefulness is magnetic to more money. When you are grateful, you feel happier, more confident, and in turn you’ll actually start to attract more opportunities (and in turn, more wealth!).

5. Surround yourself with successful and positive people

They say your net worth is your network, so have a think about your ‘circle’.

Studies have shown that you earn the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Who are the five people you interact with the most? How much money do they earn? How do they behave around money? How do they talk about finances?

The people around you rub off on you on such a deep level. If you want to level up your life and your income, level up your circle.

When it comes to the energetics of money, these strategies can help you feel more positive about your money and also open up practical financial opportunities.

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