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How I built a million dollar micro-business and how you can too

- July 29, 2021 3 MIN READ
creating a million dollar business

I have been in education for my whole adult life. I started my first business at 20 years old to pay my way through my Primary Teaching degree with a tutoring centre and educational toy store. The combination of education and business is the perfect mix for me, confides author, educator and micro-business expert Tina Towers.

I’ve managed to grow business as I’ve got married, had two babies and travelled the world. It’s completely the vehicle to the life I am lucky enough to lead and I can’t imagine not having a business to express my creativity and to make the impact that I seek in the world.

I was a traditional business owner for a long time, 13 years. I had multiple office locations, lots of staff and oh my gosh, so many headaches. I worked long days and subscribed to the belief that the harder I worked, the better I would do.That is, until I got adrenal fatigue and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I sold my company in 2016 and then I accidentally found my way into this wonderful world of online courses.

How I found my business passion

After the sale of my company, we decided to take a family gap year and we left and travelled to 28 countries together with my husband and two young sons. Before I started travelling I had been doing some consulting for other businesses owners and helping them to build their business. I found a lot of similarities in pain points and topics and so I put all of the common content into an online course platform so that my clients could access it whenever they wanted and I could focus our 1:1 time on the specific problem solving just for them.

My clients loved it! It saved them money and they had the resources they needed at their fingertips. Then they started asking me how to put together their own platform for the clients they served. That’s how I accidentally tripped and fell into online courses.

In the beginning, one thing just led to another

Things really got serious in September 2018 when I did a proper live launch for my course. In a week, I had sold $11,000 worth of courses. While it was groundbreaking, that was the exact moment that I knew that I would be creating a million dollar micro business.

I had worked so hard in traditional business and the only way to grow was to do more work or hire more people, neither of which was all that enjoyable after a certain point. This was totally scalable and I fell head over heels in love with the lives that I could impact with the knowledge that I’d acquired without having to deliver that on an individual level.

Creating a business that helps others

The further I got into the online course world, the more passionate I have become about helping women to build wealth through sharing what they know. Each person has such a unique experience and valuable expertise that others want. By packaging that into a simple and digestible product design to solve someone’s problem, has this beautiful trickle on effect.

My mission is to help 100 women create $1m a year businesses by 2025 because I know what a difference to the economy that makes and how wealthy women create such an impact on their communities and families’ lives.

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