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My Small Rural Business: Dough Re Mi

- October 31, 2019 4 MIN READ

According to the ABS, regional businesses account for over 800,000 businesses. As part of our Regional Heroes campaign, we’re profiling some of these incredible small businesses, like Dough Rei Mi Cookie Co, to see what makes them (and their towns) tick!

What is the name of your business? 

Dough Re Mi

What is your website? Instagram and Facebook too please.

When did you start your small biz? 

Dough Re Mi started in July 2016

Why did you start it? 

It all started in a Bunnings Carpark… seriously. It was initially an idea that we could bake to raise money for a fundraiser we were doing and 10 mins later we had decided to just go for it and start a business. Well, that is the really short story version of it!

Is it the only biz of its kind in your area? 

There are a few other people who do what I do, also I also have had a couple pop up in the Riverina that are mimicking what I provide but not really at the scale that I do.

What do you love most about living where you live? 

That I get up every morning to start baking at 5am and I can watch the sunrise as I work. That anywhere in town is 5 minutes away and that when ever I need help there is an amazing support network, if the person you are talking to doesn’t know how to help you they will have a friend that does.

Do you have a shop front? 

I don’t have a shop front (yet) it’s such a romantic idea that I would love to have one day. My daughter who is 7 always finds places as we drive around town saying we could open up in the places she points out. I do sell really well at markets in the area.

How would you describe your client base? 

My client base is split in 2 – mum and families who want something premium but don’t have the time or skill base to create it themselves and also businesses that want to get away from the pen and drink bottle at corporate events. Something that is eco friendly and Instagramable.

Who/what do you consider your biggest competitor?

As I ship all over Australia and now also Japan and NewZealand I have competitors all over Australia however I am one of the only businesses that have the team size that I do. So as I am only young now (3 years old) I will be able to grow quickly and be able to take on bigger clients and bigger jobs because I have the manpower of my team behind me.

How do most of your clients find you? Ie via website, word of mouth etc

Its a little bit of everything to be honest. All of my cookies have my Branding on the back of the packaging so if people have one at an event, or wedding etc they can easily look up who I am and what I do. Instagram and Facebook are a huge driver for me also.

Do you network with other small biz in your area? 

Communication!!! Its so so so important and I have a little tribe of people that I am close with, which means that then their tribe I can also have access to when I need help or a lead etc. Its about spending that time to catch up for coffee or a breakfast date and checking in with people, showing them that you acuallu care and that you aren’t just going to call on people when you “need” something. 


What do you think is the greatest challenge your community/area/district faces right now? 

The drought is really just the worst. Its not only effecting farmers, it effects all of us. People don’t have the money they used to so they aren’t shopping and spending like they used to. Also the area needs to really support small businesses more. There needs to be a lot of education in this area. For a long time (and still now) that I was “playing shop” that what I was doing wasn’t really a job and that I needed to find something real to do.

Who is your greatest support? 

My husband and kids. My daughter especially. She thinks I am a cookie queen and when ever order goes out she is proud and is always talking about when she is going to take over the business from me when I am older and need a rest.  I also have a close group of women who are like family to me that have experience in what I am going through, dealing with and trying to get done that they are able to lift me up, calm me down etc when I need to. 

What’s your biggest goal for the next 5 years? 

Its all about time for me, I just need to clone myself (kidding) but seriously Its about having not working so much IN the business and spending more time developing the business itself, working ON it. 

What is your biggest challenge in terms of growing your business? 

Space, I am working out of my home, I have got a storage unit for my bulky things, that until the unit was in my bedroom – ha ha . I bake and ice in my kitchen and I have turned my space bedroom into my studio / packing room. I would Love to have a kitchen / packing area in town but its all just about the money, I don’t want to have that jump yet until I know I am ready as I worry that kind of jump could damage the longevity of Dough Re Mi.


If there was one thing you could to make the biggest change to  your business what would it be? 

Move the business out of my house. It would be a huge step but that would make it so I could grow without over taking my family home.


What/where is your favourite place in your town and why? 

Oh that’s easy! Its Uneke Cafe. It is the closest cafe to me from where I live, the food is amazing and I am now known as a regular, is there anything nicer than someone reciting your drink order to you without you even giving them a hint. It’s a place where I have all my meetings, catch ups and chillouts. It’s my happy place.