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My Small Rural Business: Juju Roche

- December 11, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

According to the ABS, regional businesses account for over 800,000 businesses. As part of our Regional Heroes campaign, we’re profiling some of these incredible small businesses, like Juju Roche, to see what makes them (and their towns) tick!

What is your website? Instagram and Facebook too please.

Insta: @juju.roche
Facebook: Juju Roche. Artist

When did you start your small biz?


Why did you start it?

I was working in an industry I wasn’t obsessed with…& had always loved and created art. I was continually dreaming up projects and concepts so when we moved from Queensland to Sydney (3 months pregnant) I decided to take the time to get the ball rolling to create my own business.

Is it the only biz of its kind in your area?

There are several practicing artists around the Riverina, however, I like to think my work is unique. I’m an independent artist who practices large scale interpretive landscapes. I like to work on and collate big bodies of work to then exhibit, celebrate and sell. Just finishing up an exhibition at the Wagga Art Gallery and am having a Exhibition in Albury and Mudgee next year.

What do you love most about living where you live?

The people and strong family culture. We have a terrific community in Wagga, and more locally Mangoplah. I love the space, character of the land and fresh air. I love most that my kids have room to explore nature here.