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Goal setting tips for your business

- September 27, 2005 2 MIN READ

The secret to effective goal setting is to break your big objectives into manageable chunks. Here’s how…

I am always looking for goal setting tips and better ways to note my achievements. As a result, I’ve got some good advice to share.

I’ve attended seminars, read the books especially developed for “small businesses”. But the presenters and the writers don’t understand the difference between a small business and a solo business. We’re different!

Often we’re time poor and don’t have anyone to delegate those ordinary administrative tasks to. We’re it. Our whole office revolves around us and what we do.

People have come up with the most amazing ways to decide on and set goals. It could take you days or weeks, but we don’t have time for that.

Here is a simple way to set an income goal and note your achievements.

If you want to earn $25,000 a year, then work that back to what you need to earn a day. $25,000 a year, $500 per week, $100 per day, and if you charge $50 per hour, that’s two chargeable hours a day. Double all these figures if you want to earn $50,000 a year.

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It seems much easier and less daunting if you break it down to smaller amounts. Finding a job that pays $100 is easier than looking at the $25,000.

On Sunday decide the goals you would like to achieve for the next week and write them on Monday in your diary. Every day write a “to-do” list with the action needed to achieve the goals. The list should be about three to five activities.

Turn to Saturday in your diary and write a heading Achievements for the Week. Every day when you achieve one of the goals you have set, write it on the list.

You may not have signed a multi million dollar contracts, discussed the formula for changing the world. But, I bet, almost without exception every soloist has achieved much more than they realise, simply because they didn’t write it down at the time. Or thought it was not worth recording.

An achievement is anything that has moved your solo enterprise forward. Importantly, enter those things that have also helped you grow as a soloist.

Here’s a quote I’ve just made up. “A soloist plays their own tune and stands out from the rest of the band”.