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Half time! Now regroup, refocus and fire up!

Have some water, grab an orange and gather round. As the financial year draws to a close, it’s time for the half-time pep talk.


Having been roped in to ref my daughter’s soccer games this year, I’ve been reacquainted with the coach’s half-time rev up.

In the under sevens there’s a lot of, “Remember you’re running the other way this half!” and, “Stop crying, everyone has to have a turn at goalie!” But even at elite levels, half time is simply a chance to take a breath and refocus on the basics of the agreed game plan.

As June ends, now is an ideal time for us business owners to take this opportunity. For me, I’ve dug out my resolutions from the beginning of the year and picked out a few things that I’ve let slip.

"To thrive in the modern era requires a radically different approach to performance."

Here’s what I’m going to refocus on in the second half:

  • I will write my daily to-do list and plan my work day the night before.
  • I will turn off phones and email for two hours per day to “eat that frog”.
  • I will focus on simplifying and eliminating non-essential tasks by employing the power of less to get more done.
  • I will maintain my perspective and have more fun – it’s just a game after all!

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Okay, team, we’re with the wind this half. Tighten your laces, pull up your socks and get out there. Have some fun and kick some goals.

What will you improve this financial year? We’d love to hear your pep talk!

Author: Peter Crocker

Peter Crocker

looks after content at Flying Solo. As part of Business Copywriter he partners with digital agencies and corporate clients on websites and digital content. He's the co-author of Flying Solo Revisited: How to go it alone in business.


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