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Kapow! How to set punchy, gutsy goals

As someone trained in coaching, I’m supposed to love goals. Supposed to. In truth I find them rather one dimensional. Goals need to be punchier!


Everyone’s heard of the ‘smart’ goals formula – goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Is this formula not so 2008?

Yes, I agree they need to be all of the above. But they also need something else. They need to be punchier. They need to be connected to your vision, they need feeling and they need ritual.

Bam! Connect to your vision

Any goal that you aim for needs to relate back to your big fat ‘why’. Why are you doing the things you’re doing? What do you see as the ultimate vision for achieving these goals? What is the bigger picture? (You could have different visions outside of your business as well, like for your intimate relationship and family.)

Once all of this is figured out, relate your goals back to that vision. If the goals don’t link, ditch them. If you’re having trouble ditching them, then perhaps change your vision?

"Any goal that you aim for needs to relate back to your big fat ‘why’. Why are you doing the things you’re doing?"

Whammo! Goals need feeling

This is vital. If you cannot experience the feeling that accompanies the goal, your body will not ‘get it’ on a cellular level, which means that your unconscious mind (which is in fact your body), won’t be aligned with your conscious mind – the mind that created the goals.

In order to do this, close your eyes and visualise the completion of your goal as though it is happening right now and experience the feelings that go with it. Allow the feelings to spread through your entire body and bathe in that feeling for a good ten minutes or so.

Ker-bang! Rinse and repeat

This is a consistent practice that should take place every single day. If you can’t do it every day, then do it once or twice a week. Just be consistent.

So, when you have a goal, attach it to your vision. Then, imagine you’re already there, feeling the feelings that go with it so that your unconscious mind can catch up to your conscious mind. Do this on a ritualised basis and whammo, you’ll find your gutsy goals occur much more naturally.

How do you make your goals more punchy? Hit us with your ideas here. 

Lynda Bayada

is a coach and mentor who helps you to close the gap between your high flying corporate career and living out your passion. You've waited long enough. Visit the Lynda Bayada website.


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