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The biggest trends in the small business world and what they mean for yours

- October 23, 2020 2 MIN READ

Very few small business owners will look back on 2020 and not remember the challenges – but let’s not overlook the opportunities.

Incredible changes in technology have transformed the way we live but also enabled many to create successful online platforms for our businesses and generate more income.

These changes are so widespread we’ve become a “digital first” world, according to Fiverr’s Global Small Business Index with ecommerce, dropshipping and web development services topping the list of in-demand services. 

A marketplace for global freelancers, say that in just six months the demand for the following 10 services have increased phenomenally. 

Here are the numbers: 

  • Dropshipping is up by 319%,
  • Shopify Promotion is up by 247%, 
  • Youtube Editing is up by 231%;  
  • Front End Web Developer is up by 205% 
  • Product Mockup is up by 186%, 
  • Facebook Promotion is up by 174%
  • Social Media Design is up by 158%
  • App Development is up by 133%
  • Brand Name is up 85%
  • Customer Service is up by 85%

The growth comes from existing business owners looking for tools to better support what they or do, or transform to an online offering; or new businesses looking to start from the bottom up.

Anthony Sapountzis is a Victorian based small business owner who falls into the first category.
The co-founder of Aerion Technologies, Anthony also hosts a weekly podcast DevReadyPodcast and turned to to help manage his workflow demands. 

He told Flying Solo:  “The biggest challenge for us was being able to manage a podcast on top of our normal workload. Initially, we did everything in-house and were putting in extra hours to make sure we could deliver a weekly episode. It wasn’t until we decided to leverage Fiverr and outsource the process that we really streamlined the workflow for our podcast – we wouldn’t be able to release episodes without it.”

So what does all this mean for your small business? Two words, opportunity and support. 

As Anthony told Flying Solo: “It is cost and time-efficient to use Fiverr. Having a resource like Fiverr allows you to scale in bursts as needed or streamline processes by outsourcing work that you, yourself,  shouldn’t be doing but needs to be done. We’ve even used Fiverr for research tasks, not just creative tasks. You can do multiple projects at the same time without worrying about the limitations of human resources at your disposal.”

So whether you’re looking to grow your own skillset to meet the new marketplace demands, or looking to outsource key tasks to free you up to grow with your strengths – can help.

Plus, the knowledge that all of Fiverr’s experts are also running businesses just like you, probably doesn’t hurt either! 

What are you waiting for? Sign up to become a seller on today! It’s free and simple to set up. 


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