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Start 2021 financially fit and get free money

- February 24, 2021 2 MIN READ

Gaining 100% rebate on Netflix and 100% cashback on Spotify saves me around $30 each month ($360pa), plus when you get 3% cashback on all your purchases, it does not take long to start making money

Any sensible person who wishes to be financially free must be rid of consumer debt, particularly credit card debt. The problem was, the credit card companies used to entice us in with points systems and travel rewards. During 2020’s “no fly zone” pandemic, I discovered the joys of kombucha, sourdough and that frequent flier miles or airline points were not so valuable anymore.

I also discovered a credit card which gives me “cashback” on all purchases. This was an instant gratification which did not require months of points accumulation. An app on my phone notifies me immediately that I have just received 3% back on every purchase, and up to 100% rebate on Netflix and Spotify.

Although called “cashback”, the CRO card does not issue dollars, but pays an equivalent amount in its own native cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can be held in a quasi “term deposit” account and earn up to 16% interest, it can be swapped out for other cryptocurrencies, or even sold for cash.

Many people choose to swap the CRO coins to buy bitcoins using the app, whilst some hold the CRO token, or switch out to USD or AUD.

To gain this 3% cashback level of reward, I had to buy around $300 worth of CRO, but they do not charge annual card fees, and the $300 investment can be returned in future. Considering that a 100% rebate on Netflix and Spotify saves me around $30 each month ($360pa), plus the 3% cashback on all purchases, it does not take long to see a great return on investment.

Many people are reluctant to invest their own money into higher-risk investments such as bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but if you can get it for free every time you shop, why not try it out? For those who wish to be rewarded instantly, you can use the code “pt4ng2mesa” at to receive an additional $25 bonus when you apply.

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[Off the record– Full disclosure: I own less than $1000 worth of CRO, which has come back to me for free during the last six months of spending using this card. Other than as a customer I am not affiliated with the product.]