Financial management

The soloist’s guide to managing money

- May 10, 2015 2 MIN READ

Brimming with case studies and practical tips this session will help you set rates, charge what you’re worth, avoid common financial traps and maximise earnings and profits.

What you’ll learn:

In The Soloist’s guide to managing money we investigate the many ways a solo business can get more revenue with less angst. Areas covered include:

Getting clear on your relationship with money

The starting point with getting a grip on your finances is to acknowledge how you feel about the topic and positioning yourself for optimum success.

How to talk comfortably about money

Ever noticed how some people exude financial confidence, while others almost cower at the mere mention? And we know who enjoys more success don’t we?

Achieving the rates and fees you deserve

With heightened confidence comes a greater commitment to charging your value. As we explain, it’s easier than you may think.

How to invoice efficiently and respect the dos and don’ts of discounting

The importance of a well constructed and timed invoice is often overlooked. Simple changes to wording can make all the difference.

Avoiding common financial traps

Having observed many many solo businesses, Peter and Robert have some classic mistakes you simply must avoid.

Presenter: Robert Gerrish & Peter Crocker

Flying Solo’s Robert Gerrish and business partner, Peter Crocker spent much of their professional careers avoiding all things financial. Happily, they have followed a gradual path to financial enlightenment. Peter’s experience is as a successful freelance copywriter, while Robert had a career in marketing and design before his escape to soloism. Today, they spend their time growing the Flying Solo community.


Audience feedback:

“Thanks so much for this and the opportunity to watch it again. You have done an outstanding job with all your work in and around the webinar, and really deserve congratulations!! *claps approvingly*
” – Amy K

“This has been great – very informative :)” – Barbara S



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