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Why now is the perfect time to develop an online course from your skills

- September 1, 2021 3 MIN READ
online learning could be agreat new business opportunity

You’re sitting in your grinding 9 – 5 and you have a dream. You know that you were meant for more. If you’re ambitious and feel unfulfilled at work and find your mind wandering off to dreams of what could be, it may be time to give those dreams a go.

Online courses are having a BIG moment thanks to the pandemic and our increased ability and desire to learn online. The industry’s revenue is expected to hit $240 billion this year. If there’s one thing that the pandemic has shown us, it’s that a lot can be done online.

Online education on the rise

The online education market has exploded as people are looking to learn new things. You can create an online course by packaging what you know, to help other people. Thriving online courses can be anything as traditional as business marketing, the obscure like how to be a clown that specialises in juggling.

Making money from what you know is simpler than it’s ever been. Years ago, there were complex coding and technology to master to create online courses. And that’s before even trying to get your customers to understand how to use it! One of the advantages of the past year has been the increased comfort that people feel online and the willingness to learn in a self-paced at home environment.

Why not create a course?

It’s never been easier to package your expertise and set up an online course. You may start just wanting to generate enough income to fuel your life and get some extra investments on the side, or you may be ready to say goodbye to that Monday to Friday 9 – 5 life and live the life you’ve always imagined.

I was a traditional business owner for a long time, 13 years. I had multiple office locations, lots of staff and oh my gosh, so many headaches. I worked long days and subscribed to the belief that the harder I worked, the better I would do. That is, until I got adrenal fatigue and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I sold my company in 2016 and then I accidentally found my way into this wonderful world of online courses.

My creation journey

After the sale of my company, we decided to take a family gap year and we left and travelled to 28 countries together with my husband and two young sons. Before I started travelling I had been doing some consulting for other businesses owners and helping them to build their business and I found a lot of similarities in pain points and topics and so I put all of the common content into an online course platform so that my clients could access it whenever they wanted and I could focus our 1:1 time on the specific problem solving just for them.

My clients loved it! It saved them money and they had the resources they needed at their fingertips. Then they started asking me how to put together their own platform for the clients they served. That’s how I accidentally tripped and fell into online courses. At the beginning, one thing just led to another.

Launching online

Things really got serious in September 2018 when I did a proper live launch for my course. In a week, I had sold $11,000 worth of courses. This was the exact moment I knew I would be creating a Million Dollar Micro Business.

A lot of what is in Million Dollar Micro Business is from my own experience of packaging the expertise that I’ve built through so many years in business and also drawing on the success stories of those entrepreneurs that I have interviewed to contribute to Million Dollar Micro Business who have also built seven-figure a year online businesses. The hardest part is actually getting it done. We all have ideas, everyone who’s walking around this planet has ideas but what sets people apart is the people that actually implement those ideas. My advice will be if you’ve got a dream and that dream is in your heart and in your mind, you owe it to it to actually give it the light of day, go forth and have a go.

Whether you’re looking to ditch your job for good or to make some money on the side, an online course is a simple way to make a saleable product from what you know.

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