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Deliver your message with a podcast

Podcasts are rapidly growing in popularity and have the potential to provide many benefits to your business including raising your profile and updating clients. Read on to find out whether it is time for you to stop typing and start talking.


What is a podcast?

In the simplest terms, a podcast is an audio file or series of audio files that can be shared with others.

You can subscribe to a podcast in much the same way as you subscribe to an email newsletter. The “author” or “broadcaster” records an audio file on a given topic and places it on a server where it can be accessed by “subscribers”.

Podcasts that you have subscribed to are then automatically downloaded to your computer or MP3 player when new content is made available. This is done using an RSS feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It contains a content summary from an associated website and makes it possible for subscribers to keep up to date with changes or new content on their favourite websites automatically.

Why publish a podcast?

These days there are podcasts on just about any topic you can think of from business and politics to music, sport or language. Many are recorded by amateur hobbyists, fans or activists. But from a business perspective – why podcast?

"These days there are podcasts on just about any topic you can think of from business and politics to music, sport or language."

Publishing a podcast can be a great way to raise your profile, get your name out there and keep your current and prospective clients up to date with the latest news from your business or industry. A podcast is a bit more personal than an email newsletter because instead of just reading, people can listen to the sound of your voice and make a more personal connection.

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The business benefits of podcasting include:

  • Achieving trusted advisor status with your clients and prospects.
  • Being perceived as an expert on a given topic in your field of expertise.
  • Establishing a consistent branded communication channel with your target audience.
  • Becoming a resource for users online that are interested in your content.
  • Extending your brand online.
  • Putting a personal touch and voice to your business.
  • Increasing loyalty from listeners and subscribers.

Here are a couple of examples of Australian podcasts:

ANZ Podcasts
Choice Magazine

Publishing a regular podcast can help to keep your business top of mind, particularly if you are providing useful information. But the key is “regular” so if you don’t have the time or resources to record regular topics then podcasting may not be for you.

Have you used podcasting in your business? If so, post a comment and let us know what has and hasn’t worked for you.

Melissa Norfolk

is an Internet expert who speaks to business, school and community groups about online marketing, email newsletters, effective use of the Internet, finding what you need online and Internet safety.


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