10 ways to simplify, automate & outsource

- October 21, 2015 2 MIN READ

Sam Leader and Robert Gerrish share the best business-changing tips, tools and advice from their decade of working together building the Flying Solo community.

What you’ll learn:

In this video you’ll hear how introducing procedures brings freedom, how to keep your finger on the key metrics of your business and how to have others gleefully do the work you’d like to avoid. For anyone suffering from overwhelm or battling the frustrations of time management and distraction, this tutorial will introduce novel concepts including ‘lazy leadership’ and ‘mojo management’.

The value of values

Determining how you and your business shows up in the world and getting really clear on your purpose should be at the core of any enterprise. Sam and Robert talk through their process and explain how it helps them each and every day.

Why having a slight aversion to work can actually help

When Robert first heard about the concept of ‘lazy leadership’ he did a celebratory jig around his office! Yes it really is ‘a thing’ and it can help change the way you approach delegation and outsourcing.

How to use reporting and processes

While Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and detailed job descriptions may sound painfully corporate, Sam explains how to adapt these measures to a solo business. The impact can be profound, it certainly has been for Flying Solo HQ!

Mojo management and why it’s key

When you are your business, it simply doesn’t help to get run down or generally out of condition. As “Manager of Mojo” for Flying Solo, Sam discusses the measures she puts in place and how she manages to keep a diverse group of people in good shape, regardless of location.

Presenters: Sam & Robert

Flying Solo’s Robert Gerrish is joined by co-director Sam Leader. From her base in Mullumbimby, Sam is Head of Operations and is also our ‘Manager of Mojo’ – working tirelessly to keep everyone upbeat and healthy. An accomplished writer, Sam is Mother to 3 young children, partner to JohnPaul and an avid yogi, reader and walker.


Audience feedback:

“Such helpful advice! Very much appreciated!” – Mimi L

“Thanks guys! I agree courage and confidence is what it takes.” – Helen W

“I love flying solo :)” – Mel W

 “Nice session! Thanks for the great tips :)” – Sandra O