Attracting new business

10 ways to win clients

- September 1, 2015 2 MIN READ

What you’ll learn:

Marketing maven, copywriter and community concierge Jayne Tancred joins Robert Gerrish to discuss online and offline strategies to attract more clients and customers. You’ll hear what works for others and take away tools to effectively crank up your business.

The principle of attraction

If you’re still chasing business as opposed to drawing it towards you, the concept of attraction is what you’re missing.

Lessons from investigative reporters

So much of marketing has to do with your approach and in this section we explore how to use turn your inquisitive nature into a tool to support your business.

The role of the freemium model

Is giving your expertise away for nothing a good idea? Well, in most cases the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Jayne and Robert share examples of those who are doing it well and some of the traps to avoid.

Creating and using lead magnets

Getting prospects to your website, or indeed your business generally, is one thing, having them take action that increases the likelihood of actually trading with you is another. Learn the best ways to turn a prospect into a customer.

Presenter: Jayne Tancred

Jayne is a marketing consultant, marketing coach and copywriter. Alongside her marketing work she is partner in a business that makes and markets a range of flower essences from native Australian and international plants.

She is also the concierge of Flying Solo’s online discussion forums – welcoming newbies, diving into conversations and generally supporting the community. She talks with Robert Gerrish.


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