3 simple tricks to improve your website’s images (without using Photoshop)

- August 29, 2019 2 MIN READ

Outsourcing to the experts is ALWAYS the best idea (not to mention a great way to expand your network and community,. 


Sometimes, we all need to cut a few corners in the interests of either meeting a deadline, or just ticking a particularly frustrating item off the to-do list. 

Yep, we have ALL been there. 

If your dilemma is images, then you are not alone. 

And with that in mind we asked our own image guru, Donné Restom, the brains behind the beautiful images that grace our pages for her 3 best tips to enhance the quality of our website images without having to spend anything. 

According to Donné these are techniques that anyone can (and probably should) master that will make a big impact on the quality of image you’re posting on your site.

  1. Crop your image so the primary subject takes up a decent amount of real estate.


2. See the contrast button? Take it up a few levels for an instant quality enhancement.

3.  Now locate the sharpen button, and take that up a few levels too.





As Donné told Flying Solo:

“You don’t need a Masters in Photoshop to get a result. With these simple tricks – you can even edit on your phone! “

Donné Restom is the founder of Nobody’s Business,Words and pictures to grow your little business, quickly