3 ways a business slogan will attract customers

- April 16, 2020 2 MIN READ
  1. Stand out. Stand taller. Rise above the rest.  You’re amazing.

You know it.

I know it.

But unless you sell something rare and weird like ergonomic desks for newborns, you probably have stacks of competitors. Hundreds. Thousands. Gazillions. 

You and all your competitors may melt together into one unrecognisable mass. Or maybe you’ll remain separate but all look similar, like a gaggle of Agent Smiths from The Matrix. But, what if one of the Smiths had a rainbow-coloured Mohawk?

People would take notice, right? 

Well, a slogan is your Mohawk. It helps you stand out from the crowd. It helps you rise above the rest, literally and figuratively. It adds inches to your height and metres to your marketing. Let’s call it The Mohawk Principle (just to make me seem unnecessarily fancy.)

An example using The Mohawk Principle.

Let’s imagine you’re scanning a directory for mechanics. There are dozens of them. All their names are blending into one: John’s Mechanics, A1 Mechanics, Mechanics R Us.

Names, they’re just names. None of them appealing. None of them exciting.

Oh hang on, who’s this?  Mansfield Motors. Nothing unusual about the name. But wait, they have a simple yet effective tagline.

Our honesty. Our experience. Your safety.

All of a sudden, Mansfield Motors rises out of the page, standing taller than the rest. And here’s the thing, Mansfield Motors doesn’t just have any old tagline, they have a slogan that sells.  Their slogan tells the world they have honest, experienced staff who help their customers have a safer driving experience. That’s an important, persuasive message condensed into six words. 

Next time you’re thinking about creating a slogan for your business, remember the Mohawk Principle, and just do it. Get taller. Grow business.

2. Convert readers into buyers 

Taglines can be used everywhere, on your: logo, web page, packaging, signs, cars, buildings, clothing and more.  In fact, wherever your business name is, so too can your slogan be. This means you have countless opportunities to convert readers into buyers. 

A good example of this is the mechanic story, above. 

Here’s another. 

The below logo is featured on certain bars of chocolate.  If people don’t know about UTZ Certified, the logo means absolutely nothing to them, and it certainly doesn’t persuade them to buy. 

However, here’s the same logo with their slogan. In four simple words, UTZ have told potential customers a compelling, sales-increasing story. In short, they actively persuade. 

As you can see, names and logos have the power to tell a beautiful story, but a slogan can make that story become a best seller.

3. Have your business etched in people’s minds 

Having a catchy slogan or tagline is like owning your very own billboard in people’s minds; a priceless piece of lifelong advertising at the busy intersection of their very own information superhighway.

Once in people’s minds, a tagline can encourage people to:

  • Recognise your business and brand
  • Remember you for future reference
  • Reward you with their business when they’re ready to purchase

Handy, huh?

Don’t have a slogan? Now is the time!

If you’re keen to attract more customers, consider writing a sales-increasing slogan. If written well, it will help your business rise above competitors, persuade prospects to buy, and etch your name in people’s minds.

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