4 benefits to personal growth in business

- August 19, 2019 3 MIN READ

A personal growth plan is a tool entrepreneurs use to focus their energy into areas of personal development. Think of it as a guideline for your professional life and to help out I have created a few easy to follow tips.

Making money isn’t the only metric of success in business. As an business owner, it’s important that you find a work/life balance, maintain your health and continue to grow in order to truly enjoy the entrepreneurial journey.

One way to achieve this is to have a personal growth plan in place.

“Being busy is normal. Being productive and increasingly productive – now that’s a real challenge” says John Drury, C-suite mentor and Author of the book Integrate. “The danger is that we’re repeating this year what we did last year and not really learning and growing and developing.”

When John told me this it reminded me of something once said to me by one of Australia’s top marketers, Alex Cleanthous. He said, “being busy is easy, being productive is hard”. I had the pleasure of working closely with Alex for a year or two when I was at his agency Web Profits. In that time he taught me a lot but this one statement really stuck with me.

I know this may not seem like it directly relates to personal growth but without focusing on all elements of your life it is much harder to be truly productive and successful.

A personal growth plan is a tool entrepreneurs use to focus their energy into areas of personal development. Think of it as a guideline for your professional life. It should include your goals and how you intend to achieve them, as well as the skills you need to master and the habits you want to nurture.

Focusing on a personal growth plan in business has a lot of up-side. It can lead to you becoming a better business owner with a healthier business outlook. 

Here are just four ways a growth plan can help you become a better entrepreneur:

It gives directional focus

Knowing where you and your business are going keeps you from feeling directionless. With a focus on where you want to go, you can strategically think about what resources you need to get there, and the steps needed to achieve your goal. It will help you cancel out low-priority activities to focus you on more high-level approaches to success.

It encourages constant learning

Making personal growth a priority leads to constant learning. Your goal may be to become a better salesperson or a more dynamic marketer. Or, it may just be as simple as better managing your time. In the process of improving various aspects of your approach to work, you’ll find yourself in a state of constant learning. By continuously expanding what you know you’ll be picking up tips and tricks that will help you stay on track with your growth goals.

It supports better mental health and confidence

Uncertainty can lead to stress, which affects everything from your thought processes to your mood. If we aren’t certain about where we need to go, we might feel a general lack of confidence. That leads to an inability to make executive decisions when they count.

A growth plan helps alleviate uncertainty which gives you the freedom to make more confident choices. It also ensures you are noting unhealthy triggers and puts a plan in place to deal with them. Stopping unhealthy work habits allows you to face predictable cycles of stress head on. You’ll find you are more confident in controlling your workflow, which can, in turn, help you grow your business over time.

It pushes you to be more self aware

Nothing is a more effective motivator than self-awareness. Knowing your strengths and when to ask for help saves time and decreases stress. The result is higher quality work and more confidence when you take on daily tasks. A personal growth plan can motivate you to be more self-aware and to increase your leadership capabilities. It will also help you work to overcome weaknesses and turn them into strengths. 

If you are feeling listless or stressed, maybe it’s time to consider how you can integrate personal growth into your business. By focusing on areas that allow you to better master how you approach work, you will be able to lower stress, increase output, and find better overall work/life balance.