4 New Year’s Resolutions every soloist should make

- January 9, 2017 3 MIN READ

Are you a soloist who would benefit from increased sales and more time with your family? These four New Year’s Resolutions will help you achieve that.

For most soloists, the few days over Christmas are the only ones all year where they can truly switch off from their business (knowing their customers are relaxing with their families).

But, it’s a fleeting moment in time.

Before the leftovers from the Christmas leg of ham are finished, I know I feel the pressure to focus my attention on making 2017 the best year ever for my business.

To help you hit the ground running in January (because I know concentration levels are low at that time), I’ve compiled a short list of the four New Year’s resolutions I believe will best serve you in 2017.

Happy New Year soloists!

1. Get help

I don’t know a soloist or micro business owner that doesn’t need help. This year I am revising all our internal job descriptions and handing over a few tasks that I should have let go long ago.

If you’re on a shoestring, there are many ways to get help without breaking the budget. Here are some thought starters:

  • Get a VA for a couple of hours a week to help you with one task like your Xero reconciling, email management, or even scheduling the Facebook posts you have written.
  • Use your network for support. We ask really awesome business owners to help us with our blog each month. That way I can support other soloists by showcasing their articles, it saves me writing one, and gives some really exciting variety to our content.

2. Track your numbers

If you track the right numbers, you will never have to waste time or energy making decisions in your business again.

Yep. That’s a strong statement but it’s true.

If you know what works and the percentage uptake on your different channels, then your decisions are based on these facts, rather than gut feeling or the advice of people who don’t really know your business.

For example, if you have a website with a 10% conversion rate, you know how much traffic you need to make $10,000. Make sure you know these numbers and then everything in your entire life will be easier.

3. Take a wage

I’m guilty of this, and this is my resolution this year. I always prioritise my business and each month I create a new area for growth that I kindly donate my wage too. However, I was once diligent about keeping some for myself and it was truly wonderful.

Even if it’s $30 a week that you’re transferring to yourself, it’s important for your value. You deserve it, so log onto internet banking and set up an automatic transfer each month for yourself.

4. Take two days to automate what you can

If you carve out some time early this year to review the things you can automate and put some processes in place, you will save time and give your customers a more consistent service.

Let’s start with something simple like an appointment manager.

When booking calls or any appointments, I now just have a link in my email signature. This saves all the back and forth emails of booking a mutually convenient time.

Let me break it down for you to show you how powerful, little automation tweaks are. If you sent two emails to book an appointment, and you booked ten calls a week, that equals 520 useless emails a year. Instead, you could be using that time to … relax. Or, on business building activities.

Imagine if you did that for five daily tasks? Total game changer.

Resolve to make 2017 your best year ever

It’s so tempting to use January to ease your slowly way into the year. But I’ve found that doing so means February is here before I know it … and all of the sudden I’ve lost the ability to be proactive. Implementing the four resolutions above in January means you’ll start the year on the front foot, and you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of making it your best business year ever too.

Have you made any business New Year’s resolutions for 2017?