42 soloists share New Year’s resolutions – steal them for 2018!

- December 21, 2017 3 MIN READ

We are the soul traders.

We are the third bedroom dwellers, the kitchen table perchers, the café lurkers.

We are the CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, cleaner, accountant, IT fixer, debt collector, sales manager and strategist. We are front of house, leading role and backstage hand.

We are the name on the van, the bottom line, where the buck stops. We are the corporate escapees, the mogul wannabees, the little doers, the big talkers, the quiet achievers, the hired guns. We are top of our game, but under the radar. We are plan A, B and C.

We are proposals at midnight, invoices at dawn and mowing on Mondays. We are the red hot go. The crazy dream. The shot at the title. We are the epic fails, the rising from the ashes, the self-made stories. We are the soul traders.


42 “soul traders” share their resolutions

Last year Flying Solo superstar Kelly Exeter curated this great list of intentions from our members. Here are a just a few, but grab all 42 here.

“Create two passive income streams on top of my regular work.”
~ Sonja Meyer – Sustainable Graphic Design

“To steer my business in the direction I want to take it, rather than let it steer me.”
~ Gemma Hawdon – Copywriter

“Remind myself that ‘Finished is better than perfect.’”
~ Trish Fehon – Online Influence

“Kind people can say no … givers need to stop giving cause takers don’t know how to stop taking.”
~ Heather Smith – Writer / Accounting consultant

“Consolidate – do less, but betterer.”
~ Kate Toon – The Recipe for SEO Success

“The only tasks I will work on this year are ones that support the growth of my business.”
~ Sarah Dean – EmineoHub

“To slow down and celebrate the journey.”
~ Sharon Pegrum – Black Cockatoo Business

“To trust MY gut and only do the things which bring me JOY (pass on the must-dos to someone else).”
~ Gemma Moore – Red Spark Communications

“To build a team and collaborate more, not do everything by myself.”
~ Natasha Vanzetti – Discovery Coach

“Stop apologising for not being good enough because I am good enough!”
~ Lee McCaffrey – Lasso Solutions

Welcome to our lovely new members

It’s a great time of year to welcome new members Exclusive Window Tinting and Virtual Bid Manager. And strapped in for 2018, thanks to Sendle, I Sell Words and Pixel Portal for renewing. Thank YOU, we appreciate your support.

And welcome to the soloists’ century

With more than 1 million of us across Australia, we are the nation’s largest business sector – and the stampede to soloism gathers pace every year. You may be Flying Solo, but you’re not alone. Thanks for being part of the community.

Have a great silly season and we hope you get a bit of a break. We’ll be back in January!