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42 soloists share their New Year’s resolutions

- January 10, 2017 6 MIN READ

It’s the new year and every business website out there (including ours!) is telling you the New Year’s resolutions you should be making for your business. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s always nice to take on board suggestions from people who’ve been around the block a few times.

What I always find useful and inspiring, however, is being able to see what my peers are doing. So I asked around.

Here are 42 New Year’s resolutions business owners and soloists just like you have made for 2017:

“Create two passive income streams on top of my regular work.”
Sonja Meyer – Sustainable Graphic Design

“Embrace (my word of the year!) the challenges and opportunities.”
~ Mel Daniels – Meld Business Services

“To steer my business in the direction I want to take it, rather than let it steer me. This means marketing to the right audiences, having clear goals and taking on the jobs I feel passionate about.”
~ Gemma Hawdon – Copywriter

“Remind myself that ‘Finished is better than perfect.'”
~ Trish Fehon – Online Influence

“Refine and focus marketing strategies, update websites, develop stronger networks and partnerships, pull myself away from the desire to know the details of everything, remind myself kind people can say no … givers need to stop giving cause takers don’t know how to stop taking.”
~ Heather Smith – Writer and accounting consultant

“We decided to follow a Tim Ferriss suggestion for this year and instead of looking forward, we are looking backwards to identify one thing we learned and could identify as having made a substantial difference in our business. We identified long-form feature article content as very important both from a Google perspective and clients love it. So our New Year’s resolution is to write more How To and Guides for the various professional categories.”
~ Vanessa Emilio – Legal 123

“Consolidate – do less, but betterer.”
~ Kate Toon – The Recipe for SEO Success

“Have clearer boundaries between work and home life. I am going to set working hours for every day of the week (I love working on a sneaky Sunday night!) and stick to them. When I’m not working, email notifications get switched off. I am hoping this will move me away from the being ‘always on’ and help to reduce my stress.”
~ Karen Dauncey – Blue Cherry Online Marketing

“Schedule (and keep!) dedicated time for focused professional research, reading and skills/knowledge development to help keep on top of industry news, techniques and updates (rather than randomly skimming Twitter and reading whatever catches my eye). Then use this for proactively developing and improving client marketing strategies.”
~ Erica Stacey – Scout Digital Marketing

“Double my passive income from digital download products, so I can make more money without killing myself in the process.”
~ Fiona Amarasinghe – Easy Breezy Parties

“I have a few! 1. Becoming a sought-after expert in my field 2. An income goal 3. Working only during school term and 4. Creating at least four products to generate a more even cash flow (won’t call it passive!)”
~ Ellen Jackson – Potential Psychology

“Write and publish my third book while turning my first book into an online course.”
~ Tammy Tansley – Tammy Tansley Consulting

“Our business New Year’s Resolution is ‘don’t add to the crap’. It is now our mantra for 2017 – with so many companies out there publishing content we are determined not to let our clients add ‘me too’ content to the clutter for the sake of it. It may mean having some very honest conversations about what is relevant, useful and interesting to their audiences.”
~ Sara Howard – Writers Australia

“The only tasks I will work on this year are the tasks that support the growth of my business.”
~ Sarah Dean – EmineoHub

“Be a healthy and wealthy entrepreneur. In other words, put my physical and mental health first to improve myself and business. And to pay attention to the numbers and show generosity without spending like a fool.”
Jenny De Lacy – Writing Works Victoria

“Expand (create and offer more helpful resources for people before they need me, and while they are working with me).”
~ Kathryn Hodges – Integrated Family Law

“To gain some new, long-term clients, rather than just once offs. Oh and to launch the second edition of my book to further help businesses!”
~ Tiffany Gouge – Graphic Design and Brand Identity Specialist

“Work smarter, not harder. This includes outsourcing those things I am not expert at, because trying to do it all yourself just means you get nothing done, or it gets done half-arsed.”
Inoka Ho- Cocktail Traders

“To finally get my website ready for launch and to get comfortable asking for payment for my branding and marketing services. (Enough good karma accrued for free work now!) ”
Lutfiye Tahseen – Astara Creative

“To slow down and celebrate the journey.”
~ Sharon Pegrum – Black Cockatoo Business

“To raise more awareness about the importance of mental health for small business owners.”
~ Sharon Chisholm – Your Mind Health Matters

“To say ‘no’ more. It’s easy to say ‘yes’ and try to please everyone. In the long wrong it’s just not the healthiest mentality.”
~ Heather Woods – Telltale Copy

“Follow the Pareto Principle of 20% effort for 80% results by focussing on what works to get business, rather than working a lot on strategies that are not so productive.”
~ Liz Scarfe – Cultivating Confidence Psychotherapy

“To trust MY gut and only do the things which bring me JOY (apart from the must-dos which I will pass onto someone else).”
~ Gemma Moore – Red Spark Communications

“To run my own race, not compare myself to others and not do something just because everyone else is doing it.”
~ Ali Pataky – Abound Careers – Resume Writing & Coaching Specialist

“To build a team and collaborate more, no longer want to do everything by myself.”
Natasha Vanzetti – Discovery Coach

“To be more intentional with my time.”
Yael Keon – Mix Savvy

“Grow my newsletter list to 100,000 subscribers.”
Dominique Perri – Baby Dino

“Consistency! Across all domains … revenue, client growth, email list and follower growth, content marketing, time spent working each day.”
~ Glenda Bishop – A Less Irritable Life

“To say goodbye to imposter syndrome! First step, stop apologising for not being good enough because I am good enough!”
~ Lee McCaffrey – Lasso Solutions

“I recently bought the domain so my resolution is to build the site, get likes on social media and create ‘How to make macaron’ videos.”
~ Kim Hunter – Macaron Goddess

“To stick to a regular content publication schedule for our new website.”
~ Sonia Cuff – The Missing Chair

“Consistency. Was going to be ‘granularity’ but decided that was too dull! Consciously and consistently scheduling my time in the business and on marketing the business which is new in 2017. Consistency in content creation as a part of this (I have a podcast called Being Indispensable which is what has been building my authority as a safe and capable pair of extra hands).”
~ Liz Van Vliet – Online Marketing Outtasked

“Edit faster, be present/consistent/confident on social media, attend industry events.”
~ Samantha Hanton – Honest Photo

“Attract and help 18 B2B clients free up their time and consistently produce high-quality blog posts, grow my team, publish my book, and be a guest on 24 podcasts and/or media publications sharing my tips on business blogging for profit.”
~ Anfernee Chansamooth – Simple Creative Marketing

“Supplement my part-time day job income enough with writing and speaking opportunities. I hope to get at least one article in mainstream media per week and do one speech a month.”
~ Carly Findlay – Writer, speaker and appearance activist

“Write, record, upload and promote one lesson per quarter on the Skillshare platform. My ‘stretch goal’ is to earn back the annual fee.”
Rebecca Carroll-Bell – RCB Mediation Services

“Write the book that will help loads of women in my community.”
~ Bettina Rae

“Publish at least 2 blogs per month with useful information for online marketing and dedicate regular time each month for self-development.”
~ Reeva Cutting – Cutting Edge Digital

“Focused creativity – with my client work and my own writing + not working weekends on client work. If I sit at a desk on the weekend it should be for my own projects.”
Kylie Saunder Copywriting

“Not a resolution but a single word – INTENTION.”
~ Tracy Harris – Mums With Hustle

“Drink more margaritas – by which I mean: take more time to relax, take a break, think and daydream rather than just keep doing, doing, doing …”
~ Amanda Vanelderen – WorkWords Copywriting 

“One word, EASE. Stop approaching business like it’s a battle!”
~ Lucy Davies – Websites by Lucy

“Stop watching what everyone else is doing and play my own game.”
~ Sandra Muller – Copywriter and Word Coach

Now it’s over to you!

Have you been inspired to set a New Year’s resolution for your business this year? Or have you got one already? We’d love you to share it in the comments below.