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5 business podcasts you should be listening to

- August 1, 2015 3 MIN READ

Business podcasts are a free and convenient way to access the thoughts of people you’d ordinarily need to pay hundreds of dollars to hear from. This can positively impact both your personal and professional life.

Business podcasts have been around for a while but in recent years, it seems every man and his dog has started one. And this is awesome for you and me. Unlike other ways of consuming content, you can listen to a podcast while doing something else – like driving, cleaning the house or going for a walk. This means that even the busiest of us are in a position to readily access to the thoughts and wisdom of some incredibly clever people.

I know I’ve found this to be life-changing on both a personal and professional level. Here are five of my favourite business podcasts:

1. Seth Godin’s Startup School

For entrepreneurs who want to build or need a solid platform to run their business, Seth Godin is an admired mentor among his current listeners. He is a thought leader in the areas of marketing and business, and provides logical insights throughout his Startup School Podcast.

Seth guides his listeners through a live recording of exploratory workshops, providing relatable insights. From deciding what type of business model to use, to the art and science of marketing, Seth will surely uncover one area you’ve been looking to improve.

This podcast is a fantastic educational resource with logical and relatable thought processes that inspire entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and learn new skills.

2. The Tim Ferriss Show

This one might be my favourite. The Tim Ferriss Show offers inspiring stories of how entrepreneurs think and act by deconstructing world-class performers from different areas of life. He extracts tactics and hacks that people can utilise in their personal and business lives.

In each episode, Tim showcases insights from a huge range of personalities, presenting their stories in an authentic and revealing way.

By utilising high profile industry leaders, this podcast inspires entrepreneurs based on learnings from already successful influencers.

3. TEDTalks Business

Like TED conferences, this podcast is based around the concept of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. Showcasing 20 presenters from Elon Musk to Bill Gross, stories and insights are shared including business start up costs, critical thinking around big data, the secret to unlocking creativity, and how to run a company with no rules.

TEDTalks Business is a well-respected Podcast that educates entrepreneurs with first hand insights from presenters who have experienced and learned from real business challenges.

4. Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast aims to inspire entrepreneurs to take their next step. Insights are shared from today’s most successful business people in a way that highlights their failures and the lessons learned from their experiences.

This podcast also showcases some of these entrepreneurs’ biggest ‘AH-HA’ moments and how they translated these key moments into their success.

Entrepreneurs who have already benefited from this podcast have done so thanks to the simplistic, interesting and engaging interview styles, and the constantly revolving list of subjects offering diverse and insightful answers.

5. Small Business Big Marketing

In this podcast Australian small business marketing guru Tim Reid demonstrates how marketing principles for large businesses can be applied to small business models for small business success.

Practical marketing advice is provided directly from interviews with successful business owners, including how to create a point of difference in a crowded market place, how generous businesses are winning more customers, and how to get millions of views on YouTube.

This podcast is beneficial and relatable for a wide range of entrepreneurs, with content covering a large scale of business types and putting different marketing ideas and examples into context.

And of course let’s not forget … 

Flying Solo has a podcast too! Host Robert Gerrish chats with soloists from many different industries and extracts remarkable insights that are incredibly applicable to all who read this site.

Do you have a love of podcasts too? Please share your favourite business podcasts in the comment section!