5 daily habits to lift your LinkedIn game (in just 10 minutes)

- June 25, 2019 2 MIN READ

Got a LinkedIn page – now what? Karen Hollenbach shares 5 daily habits of LinkedIn superstars. And the best part? You can do them all by the time you’ve finished your morning coffee.

“Think of it this way, Facebook and Instagram are like chocolate and LinkedIn is like eating salad.”

That’s how Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn expert and creative director of Think Bespoke recently explained the value of  the platform  for small business owners, to the Flying Solo podcast. 

And who doesn’t love a food analogy? 

“In a balanced diet we know to eat more salad and less chocolate. So the ratio is the same with Linked In, it has the best long term benefits for your business, ” she says. 

Take a long-term view

While it can be easy to get trapped down a rabbit hole of Facebook notifications and Instagram updates, Karen says it’s important to see LinkedIn as a long game. 

“Imagine it like a room at a party. What you say and how you appear to everyone else in the room is important.” 

Which is one of the reasons why Karen lists responding to notifications and requests on your LinkedIn as one of 5 critical daily habits when it comes to building and maintaining your  profile. 

Don’t think of Linked In as social media

“It’s not social media, “ Karen told the Flying Solo podcast. 

“But you do have full permission to ‘talk shop’ here more than any other platform. The key is to do it mindfully.” 

It’s also important to do it daily – 5-10 minutes of Linked In activity is enough to keep things afloat, according to Karen. But make sure you are clear on your priorities and your strengths. 

The key is to appear engaged, interested and also professional.  

Pretend you’re at a party

That is, good manners count when you’re intent on lifting your LinkedIn game.

For example, lots of people post great articles on LinkedIn on a regular basis. But if you’re not a confident writer, you can still use the platform effectively – you just need to tweak it. 

“Endorse other people’s articles that you enjoyed reading and include a comment as to why it captured your attention,” says Karen. 

Karen’s 5 daily habits for LinkedIn success:

1.Check your home notifications

Don’t ignore those red prompts at the top of your Linked In, they’re the online equivalent of someone knocking on your businesses door and handing you a business card.  So make this the first Linked In ritual of your day.

2. ‘Like’ or comment on 1 or 2 things a day

This could be a comment on someone within your network’s article, a job update or just a new connection or recommendation. These actions indicate your activity and engagement.

3.Respond to invitations to connect 

This is connected to the point #1 but Karen also advises having a two-pronged approach.

A. Thank the person for reaching out and ask how you can help
B. Thank the person for reaching out and say you’ll keep in touch. 

4. Always respond to endorsements

The same rules apply in regard to responding to endorsements. Make sure you acknowledge them and either return the favour, or just ask “how are things with you?’ 

5. Share an article a week

Make sure it aligns with your business purpose/or your business values, of course. And if it was written by someone else in your network, be sure to include a tag.

Check out more from Karen Hollenbach via her LinkedIn page.