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5 great tips for better Google AdWords campaigns

- March 17, 2015 2 MIN READ

If you’re new to Google AdWords campaigns these five easily actionable tips will help you boost the performance of your ads and get more bang for your AdWords buck!

Online advertisements are a great way to build your brand awareness, expand your customer base, and increase sales. As with most things however, unless you want it to be a costly exercise in futility, a dedicated strategy must underpin your efforts.

With that in mind, here are five very practical and immediately actionable suggestions that will help you with your Google AdWords campaigns and see an improvement in your results:

1. Capitalise the first letter of every word in the headline

Although this is not good grammar, and while this little trick doesn’t work every time, this simple change can positively impact your results by up to 40% or more (so what have you got to lose?!).  That means instead of the usual “Best tennis racquets online” you would use “Best Tennis Racquets Online”. Give it a try and make sure to measure the difference in results.

2. Change the URL at the bottom of the advertisement

It is well known that alternating the URL address at the end of an ad can positively impact the click through rate.  Try developing some URLs that have the product name in them. For example, if you are selling tennis racquets, and your web URL is perhaps put the ad URL in as

3. Don’t rely on a single advertisement

The biggest mistake people make when they are first getting started with Google AdWords is that they don’t create enough ads. Instead of relying on a single ineffectual headline, develop numerous ads relating to your products so you can choose the best of the bunch. An example of this is creating an ad for each product type e.g. ‘Buy The Best Tennis Racquets’ and ‘Fastest Running Shoes In Australia’ instead of ‘Online Sports Store’.

4. Keep pushing the envelope

Write a new ad every week to see if you can experience better results than what you did with the prior ad.  When you continually focus on improving the quality of your copy, you’ll experience better results than if you keep running the same ad week after week.

5. Place your ads at the top of the webpage

Although the human eye has the tendency to look towards the right hand side of a page, advertisements placed along the top of the page receive more clicks.  They do cost more at the top, but the increased clicks will more than compensate for the additional costs. To get your ad up the top – ensure your minimum bid meets the required bid for that keyword.

Creating your ad variations and constantly tweaking them will ensure you get the best conversion rates, so when creating Google ad content make sure you take all of the above basic steps into consideration.

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