5 office design trends that will supercharge your workspace

- May 2, 2017 3 MIN READ

Sometimes you need a little extra help to keep on working when you don’t have the time or patience. Here’s how these office design trends can boost your work habits.

Regardless of whether you work at home or an office, it’s essential that you create a pleasant and motivational environment that will encourage you to excel at what you do for a living. Some tweaks are easier to achieve than others, but the simple truth is, if you feel good in your workspace, your productivity will rise.

Here are five office design trends to consider:

1. Colours that work

If you work at home you have a lot more freedom in utilising the colour theory when it comes to productivity. Even if it’s just one corner with your desk, painting this area in colours and hues that make you productive and happy will result in better work performance. On the other hand, you probably won’t have the same freedom if you work in an office. Still, you can use pops of colour that work the best for you. Chair cushions and covers, stationery and even a screen for your cubicle in a specific colour can significantly improve your mood.

2. Organise your desk

Never underestimate the power of effective organisation. Keeping your desk surface clean and tidy is essential in keeping your productivity at its best. Your drawers and shelves should also be neat. Make sure to designate specific drawers for different essentials. Throw away anything that doesn’t work such as old pens. Use labels on your folders. If you don’t have adequate storage space, you can stack up boxes and make a nice DIY storage unit, or use store-bought bins and containers. When you know where everything is, you will be able to focus on your work more.

3. Be careful with details

As mentioned, no workspace should be completely devoid of personality. Stationery you enjoy using and looking at, a framed photo of someone you love, and even a picture of an eye-pleasing landscape is more than enough when it comes to your work area. If you use too many personal accessories and include some keepsakes as décor, your concentration can actually drop. This is why balance is so important. You can’t give your absolute best in a plain-looking, almost sterile environment, but you can’t expect proper focus when surrounded with a bunch of things that remind you of everything except work.

4. Strive for comfort

There’s hardly any explanation needed as to why you should invest in functional office furniture that will offer proper support. If you constantly suffer from back and neck pain, your performance will drop and you will risk some more serious health issues. Look for a chair that has a long back, arm holders and adjustable height. This is especially useful if you can’t pick and choose your desk yourself. In general, your body should be comfortably positioned so that your elbows touch the desk surface. Some people overlook this bit, but your desk lamp also needs some attention. The light shouldn’t be too bright and blinding, especially if you already have to look at a computer screen. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too dull either. If you feel any eye strain, consider it a major sign that you need to adjust your lighting solution.

5. A touch of nature

There has been plenty of research when it comes to the numerous benefits of sunlight and plants to work environment. Basically, sunlight will make you more energetic and happier as well as healthier, thanks to vitamin D. Moreover, plants are known for their amazing abilities to reduce stress and anxiety as well as air purifying properties. In that sense, make sure to choose a nice plant for your desk or one corner of your office space where you’ll be able to see it. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants to choose from if you’re worried about the plant dying on you.

A pleasant environment and comfort are some of the biggest factors that can influence your mood, energy levels and productivity. Because of that, your workspace deserves the same attention to detail and effective design as your home. Surround yourself with positivity and enjoy the healthy transformation in your life and work performance!

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