5 phone features that help you run your business from home

- April 30, 2020 2 MIN READ

With 1000s of small businesses owners and their staff working from home, staying connected with your people and your customers is more important than ever. Here are five phone features that will keep you connected and help you to remain productive when working remotely.

1. Business phone service in the cloud

If your business was operating from physical premises with single or multiple landlines, now could be the time to switch to a  cloud-based phone system instead. A cloud-based phone service means you can have a virtual phone line in any location.  You and your staff can make or receive calls using your regular office phone number, without having to be on-premises.

The benefit during the coronavirus crisis is obvious when you have staff working from remotely from home but will extend long after the pandemic is over.  A cloud-based service ensures calls can reach the right person at the right time. It’s also easy to transfer and place calls on hold. This will prevent bottlenecks and confusion, keeping you, your staff and callers happy.

2. Call via mobile app

The majority of cloud-based phone solutions also allow for calls via a mobile app. This provides the ultimate in flexibility. Not only does this mean you can answer landline calls on your mobile – you can make calls too! When you call out via the app, your business line will show in Caller ID, keeping your personal mobile private. A Consumer Reports‘ study found 75 per cent of customers get irritated if they can’t contact a business on the phone. So, having your business line accessible via your mobile seems like a no-brainer and a win-win for both the business and consumer.

3. Use familiar desk phones

Still, prefer a phone on your desk? A phone system like CloudLine comes with desktop and cordless phone handsets that can be shipped to out to you.

There’s no need for a technician to come out and get your phones setup, these handsets are ready to use out of box. Simply plug-in to power and internet and you can start making calls.

4. Voicemail to email

Business voicemail is critical for capturing potential business leads. But how can you check and respond to messages when you’re out of office?

With the Voicemail to Email feature, customer messages come to you. Voicemails are emailed as audio files that you can listen to on your computer or mobile.

5. Unlimited calls

If you’re like many small businesses you’re probably using your work phones more than ever. If your bill has increased too, now might be the time to change your plan.

One of the best ways to manage your business phone bill is to switch to an unlimited call plan, where all your local, national, 13/1300 and Australian mobile calls are included. This means you’ll only ever pay a fixed cost each month regardless of how many extra calls you’re making.

You may not get the best deal from a big telco, so make sure you consider alternative providers like Connexus.

This article brought to you by Connexus CloudLine. The small business phone system that helps you make every call count.

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