5 tips to shine online

- October 13, 2014 2 MIN READ

Explore principles to help soloists stand out, engage customers and generate more from their websites and online activity. Just being on the web is no longer enough, this video explains the means to truly get noticed.

What you’ll learn:

Through the use of storytelling, anecdotes and a mass of real-life examples from members of the Flying Solo community, this presentation explains:

How to get noticed in a crowded marketplace

The story of a monkey from South-East Asia helps illustrate the challenge we all face and exposes the solution.

Knowing your audience and targeting your message

Too often we try to get attention by effectively shouting at anyone who’ll listen. We detail a much more effective method.

Creating a seamless sales process

Recent statistics reveal the alarming incidence of lost sales right at the final point-of-purchase. Understanding customer motivations and website goals is the key to turning this around.

Monitoring behaviour and adapting

What are your existing customers trying to tell you? It’s only by close observation that you’ll find the answer.

The role of reliability and consistency

In a world where distraction and a change of direction can be very tempting, we explore the need for sticking to a course of action and the benefits this can bring.

Presenter: Robert Gerrish

Following a career in marketing, Robert began working with soloists over 20 years ago, starting Flying Solo with his partners in 2005. He continues to present at conferences and events and hosts the popular Flying Solo podcast.

Robert is in conversation with writer, marketer and business partner, Peter Crocker.


Audience feedback:

“Hi FS team. I congratulate you on your informative, engaging and practical content. These updates are gold. Thank you for sharing! Love your work.” – Sheryl K

“You know I’ve never listened to one of these before, and they are AWESOME! Thanks!” – Kate T