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6 best podcasts for business owners

- August 24, 2018 3 MIN READ

Whether you’re playing with a business idea or managing a large profitable company, these business podcasts can give you the adrenaline you need to stay creative, innovative and motivated.

  • Despite existing for over two decades, only recently have podcasts become the new hot thing, and with good reason. They’re entertaining and educational, inspiring and intriguing, but with over half a million podcasts available, finding the right one is a tricky task. We’ve done the hard work for you and are presenting the 6 Best Podcasts for Business Owners.

For when you need a push in the right direction

1. Side Hustle School is presented by American entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau, who used his ‘side hustle’ to make enough money to travel to every single country in the world before his 35th birthday. He injects his wealth of expertise into a series of 10-20 minute episodes that feature different stories of people who successfully maintained a full-time job while growing a profitable startup on the side. Featuring a woman who wrote reviews for fish tanks, to a man who manufactured swing sets for pet chickens, the show dives deep into the most wonderful and bizarre business ideas that have made entrepreneurs thousands of dollars. Each episode is full of surprises that will motivate you to work smarter and harder, or at the very least, make you feel sane again.

2. Startup is a podcast series about starting a podcast company, hosted by Alex Blumberg. With over seven seasons, the podcast series wholly covers the conception of Alex’s company, Gimlet Media. Put simply, Alex carries a microphone with him everywhere he goes, recording himself pitching to investors and developing his business model. The first episode of the podcast is the hardest but most enjoyable to listen to, as Alex butchers his first pitch to Silicon Valley’s most notorious startup investor. The first season was so successful that the ABC Network picked it up to convert it into a TV series.

3. How I Built This is presented by Guy Raz and features interviews with the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs, including the creators of Lonely Planet, Lululemon, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and more. Each episode is presented as a powerful narrative about how each entrepreneur built their multi-million dollar enterprises from the ground up, and what challenges they faced along the way. One of the most recent episodes, Remembering Kate Spade, is a poignant yet heartwarming interview with Kate Spade and her husband. The podcast series is presented so well that by the end you feel like you have created an honest and genuine connection with these business experts.

For when you need to smarten up

4. Planet Money uses stories and surprises to explain our global economy. Despite sounding like a very intellectually consuming podcast, the episodes are easy to digest, engaging and equip you with a variety of talking points. A recent episode delved into the issue of fake online reviews. It sounds like a small issue in the world of global business, but the podcast explores the influence of false information on consumer purchasing behaviour on a global scale. Other episodes explore hot topics in the news or feature interviews with renowned global business owners. It’s the perfect podcast to tune into weekly to catch up on the latest news in the economy and build your understanding of complex issues.

5. The Small Business Big Marketing Show is hosted by Australian marketing guru, Tim Reid. Episodes feature enticing interviews with Australian small business owners that have nailed the marketing side of their operations in creative and sometimes unconventional ways. If you’re looking to spice up your marketing strategy, this podcast is for you.

For when you need to switch off

6. My Favorite Murder is your go-to when you’re brain just needs a break. This podcast is hosted by two American comedians obsessed with murder stories. Each episode perfectly balances comedy and sensitivity while presenting the most enticing, puzzling, jaw-dropping murder mysteries from across the globe. Guaranteed, for the duration of the episode, any business headaches will disappear as you become totally enthralled by the twisted stories.

Do you have any favourite podcasts to add to the list?

Editor note: Of course we didn’t feel right about plugging the Flying Solo small business podcast! 😉