6 business blogs you should read every day

- March 21, 2015 3 MIN READ

Business owners should never stop learning. But with so many great resources available, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are six business blogs I read every day.

I’m always interested in what other people in business have implemented to drive success. Whether it’s sending an email campaign, managing my database, or handling complex customer service tasks, ‘reading before doing’, has become a way of life for how I do things. (Nothing is impossible if you have the search bar in your tool kit!)

With all this data at our fingertips, we can find precision answers to practically anything we need to solve in our day to day. But information overload can also quickly occur.

So how do you decide where best to look first and who best to listen to? After years of trawling the internet there are a few sites I find myself referring to again and again.

Here are six of the business blogs I read daily:

Social Media Examiner

My personal favourite. For an industry that’s so vast and growing, Social Media Examiner provides clear examples of how to apply social media and content marketing best practice in your own marketing initiatives. Claiming to be the world’s largest online social media magazine, they have a large pool of writers from every facet of digital marketing. Each article provides detailed, step by step action points along with great case studies. So you can easily implement your learnings almost immediately.


An excellent source for an in-depth and meticulous approach to search engine optimisation (SEO). Articles are sophisticated and technical and provide results from experiments, historical tracking data, ranking factors and content best practice. Whiteboard Friday is a particularly brilliant initiative by Moz co-founder Rand Fishkin, featuring weekly video tutorials that are certainly worth watching. And Moz isn’t just for hardcore SEO experts. It’s also a large resource of information for people looking to learn all about SEO from scratch.


This blog contains a wealth of data driven posts, mostly from real world experiments. The posts are a great indicator of what is happening in the marketing industry (particularly from the UK) and provide guidance as to what other brands are implementing as their strategy. Econsultancy conduct their own online marketing research and publish results of their data, making it an infinitely resourceful blog.


If you’re after complete transparency, that’s what you get with Buffer. This is a no-holds-barred approach to blogging, with Buffer company data being reported and commented on. The content is always deeply investigative, well-written and comprehensive. The Buffer blog covers everything you’d want to find out about social media, including real, actionable experiments.

Rebekah Radice

Rebekah is a Californian entrepreneur and blogger providing businesses with social media and business strategy. Her posts are personalised, extremely well written, and easy to read. She covers ways to save time and money building an online business and shows how to establish marketing best practices.

Flying Solo

How could we ignore our very own Flying Solo? Flying Solo is Australia’s most comprehensive small business blog, powered by a community of small business owners from every walk of life. Regardless of whether you’re just starting a small business or already running a business, Flying Solo offers inspirational reads alongside a large collection of advice covering all aspects of running a business.

How to keep track of all your business blogs

Now, I get that keeping track of the content of six or more business blogs each day sounds time consuming. So here are a few tips to make it much easier:

  • Visit each blog you are referred to or stumble across and read through their historical articles to see if they suit your needs and the needs of your business.
  • Create a shortlist of your essential daily blog reads.
  • Subscribe to their newsletters (if they have one). Alternatively, sign up to a service like Feedly, which will serve you the latest articles of those favourite blogs in an easy to digest format.
  • Set aside some time each day to review the latest articles in each of your shortlisted blogs. This could be first thing in the morning over a cup of tea or coffee, or at lunch, but not at night (as a sleep advocate, I would not encourage the use of a smart phone or tablet before bed as it disrupts your sleep cycle!)
  • When you read something that can be applied to your current or future business self, take some notes and enter these in your business bible.

It’s easy to take control of the vast amount of information out there that’s ready and willing to help you in your business and personal life. Make your down time productive and build on your knowledge to get ahead.

What business blogs do you find useful and regularly read?