6 home office design hacks to boost productivity

- June 24, 2020 3 MIN READ

Your office might be tiny, but that’s no reason for you to give up on maximising it to the fullest. However, optimising space in a way that sparks productivity is a highly challenging factor.

The truth is, you cannot get fully immersed in your work if your space doesn’t invoke a sense of calmness. You cannot flourish in your work if your environment is cluttered or unappealing. A stress-free, efficiently designed ambience is key to making your workspace truly thrive, and today, we’ll be sharing an office space-saving guide that will spark up productivity. Here it is:

1. Go electronic

Paper clutter can dampen the ambience of even the most gorgeously designed office, which is why you need to go digital. The computer interface is highly accommodating – both in work and in space-saving as well. By reducing the number of files that you’ve got in your office, you’ll have a way less visual and physical mess to deal with. 

In turn, you can get rid of all the bookshelves that had been taking up the extra space. Thus, you’ll have room to space out your layout and create a wider, more appealing circulation area. The spaciousness will automatically lessen the burdens on your mind and spark up a sense of productivity.


2. Smaller desks, less clutter

Another efficient hack to design a space-saving office that will help you focus better on work is by selecting small-style work desks. We no longer live in an era of oversized cubicles and desks. When the size of the desk is small, you’ll automatically have much more breathing room.

These days, you can find a ton of innovative small-style desks that are just as comfortable to work on, but are super compact. They come in sleek finishes that add to the lightness of the ambience. They also allow great organisation and are perfect for allowing a great economy of movement. The Nelson Swag Leg Desk and Rewrite Desk are amazing examples that you can furnish your own offices with.

3. Homogenous designing



Whenever you’re designing a small space, the first rule is to create as much homogeneity as possible. This basically means that don’t make the space look too choppy by using too many different and contrasting materials – especially on the walls and floors. 

In fact, if you use the same material finishes on the wall and floor, the ambience will feel much more controlled and properly designed. You can also choose a matching wall and floor tile set with small deviations in patterns to create some visual interest. This homogenous designing will help spark your productive side by delivering a steady backdrop for your mind to lean on.

4. A wall-to-wall layout

The standard office cubicle theme is the epitome of visual clutter and dampens your creativity to the fullest. If you want to create a nice, space-saving layout for your workspace, then go for a wall-to-wall formation. It basically consists of a smart, sleek, uninterrupted desk space that’s mounted on the wall. Everyone has their own digital and physical parameters on it – sometimes, there are even tint partitions to demarcate where on desk ends and the other begins.

5. Indulge in digital portability

An innovative and on-trend office-space saving technique is by indulging in digital portability. Our desks are no longer encumbered by oversized computer screens, and we no longer need wires to charge our devices.

In fact, we have so much convenience at our fingertips now, that it can help save a lot of physical space within your offices. For example, you can now put a fax machine in your pocket so you’ll never have to get up from your desk. You can use blue-tooth chargers for your devices instead of cluttery wires. Small, portable printers are perfect for putting on your work desk. 

Basically, get rid of every clunky office appliance that’s taking unnecessary space in your office and you’ll have a fully functional, creativity-sparking, space-efficient office.

6. Design vertical

Most of the clutter in offices comes from horizontally scattering all your work-related paraphernalia. You’ll feel much more at ease by designing vertical surfaces to take care of all these things. Vertical pockets for files, floating shelves, and hooks for hanging other paraphernalia will help you get focused on more immediate tasks. If you’re looking for options, then you can start with Ikea’s LACK shelf. It’s a masterpiece for decluttering and will definitely help you organise some major clutter. You can also find a number of creative vertical and portable shelving solutions at the container store. The lack of a mess will spark your productivity and help you become sharper as you work.

If none of these ideas works for your space, then perhaps it’s time to relocate to a better office. Mobile Storage Units make relocating a whole lot easier.

Other than that, we hope that this guide helps you design a fully efficient, creativity-sparking space while reducing clutter and maximising coherence within the space.

This post was written by Renee Wainwright, the gobox Mobile Storage Manager whose years of experience in the industry allow her to provide customised and tailored mobile storage solutions to suit residential, business and corporate customer’s storage and moving needs.