6 questions I have to ask myself at the start of every work day

- May 28, 2020 3 MIN READ

When I first sit down to work in the morning, I have a series of questions that automatically run through my head…

1.What are my income producing tasks?

I generally always work on these first.

For me, it might mean checking in and optimising my Facebook ads because my ads bring in leads to my business.

Or it might mean replying straight away to emails from people who are interested in working with us, or it might mean checking in to ensure a funnel is still optimised and moving people through a sequence to arrive at my paid offers. Sometimes, it is something else, it ebbs and flows.


2. What are the bottlenecks in my business?

Bottlenecks come up for me all the time, whether I need to approve a blog, get back to my accountant, outsource a new task, or get back to a team member with approval or advice about something.

I have a bit of a habit of putting stuff off that is not either 1. Serving and helping my community or 2. Creating profit.

So I am getting better at allocating 5-10 minutes a day ensuring that I release and move through any bottlenecks because whilst they aren’t as important they still impact and can stagger business growth and functionality.

3. What’s happening with traffic coming to my business? Is it increasing in growth?

I am always ensuring that I have a flow of traffic coming to my website and that my Facebook page and group are growing and looking at how to increase it.

Last year my traffic dropped on my website because of an algorithm change and it affected my whole business so it is vital to watch my stats. I bring traffic to my business by social media, my mailing list, guest blogging and PR and SEO, freebies and challenges.

4. How can I serve and give value today?

For me, it isn’t just about doing business, it is about making an impact, being a good person and sharing what I know to help others.

Usually, that is either by posts like this, in this FB group, or being interviewed on a podcast or for an article in the media and sharing the real deal about being a WAHM.

Or arranging for a group D&M chat via zoom with my clients in the Business Jump Family.

Or if I see a client is having a bit of a tough time in business or, as a mum, or just with life, I will usually have a call with them and offer my support even though it is above and out of scope of what our package offers. It isn’t business at that stage, it is just about helping if I can and as a natural byproduct it strengths relationships and bonds which is important to me.

5. Am I in the flow?

Working within the ‘flow’ is my biggest productivity hack.

For so long, I used to work from a state of overwhelm or stress, or even just a bit of absent mindfulness. But, for the last few years I unwittingly started to work from a place of feeling really connected to what I was doing, being laser focused, inspired, confident and content.

I later realised this was an actual thing called the ‘flow’

Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes we need to take actions to put ourselves into the flow. I am putting this as a new module into my Business Jump Starter e-course because I credit it as almost more important than strategy for business growth and working less and earning more.

6. Where is my coffee? The end.

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