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6 reasons to say thank you to yourself today

- August 28, 2019 2 MIN READ

Your customers and clients don’t say it enough. Yet as a small business owner, you of all people deserve a thank you… Here are 6 reasons why.

Do you ever feel like sometimes you just give, give, and give to your customers – and you get nothing in return? Often not even a thank you.

Your customers and clients don’t say it enough. Yet as a small business owner, you of all people deserve a thank you.

As a small business owner, you know how a simple “Thank you” can motivate you and get you through the bleakest days: 

  • When your cashflow barely meets expenses.
  • When your supplier doesn’t come through for you.
  • When seasons change and you struggle to get more sales.

A thank you is powerful.

So I will say it for them:

Thank you so much!

For what? you may ask.

  1. For going out of your way to get it right for your customer – no matter how long it takes.
  2. For bothering to ask “How are you going?” – and be genuinely interested in their reply.
  3. For taking time to listen and understand – instead of shoving your product or service down their throats and sending them on their way as quickly as possible.
  4. For being honest and telling them when it isn’t right for them – even if it means you lose out on the sale.
  5. For giving them an unexpected freebie, discount, or service – because you’re grateful for their business and their loyalty. Also because they don’t ask for it or expect it.

And 6: Thank you for treating your customers and clients as people – rather than just another celebratory “Ding” in your till.

Thank you for caring 🙂 

A gift for you…

From you: Give yourself one precious gift today:

Spend 5 minutes basking in your customer testimonials – and saying “Yeah! I rock!” to yourself!

Go on, check reviews on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or emails (hopefully you save your happy customer emails in a separate folder).

Here, take a look at what customers say about small businesses like yours:

“Lara thank you so much for your creative work…it has been a very successful project, with a lot of positive feedback…

You have been a pleasure to work with through this process and I look forward to working with you again. Thank you!“Beautiful studio, lovely teachers and a great variety of yoga classes. All the beautiful souls that are teaching here are so welcoming I felt like I have known them for life. Thanks for this wonderful gift…”

“Words [cannot] begin to describe how impressed I was dealing with Emma, and the results from her session brought tears to mine and my husband’s eyes. We cannot thank you enough for capturing some precious moments of our pigeon pair. Thank you for helping us enjoy the little things. The most important thing family!”


What are they saying about you?

Go on, take 5 minutes to look at your own customer testimonials.

See how your customers care that you care.

Focus on these customers – the ones that build you up – rather than those intent on bringing you down.

Thank you for caring.

It’s why you’re so good at selling more by selling less. 

It’s what makes your business different from the others.

It’s why you need to say thank you to yourself today.

“If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” – Maya Angelou