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6 tips to help business owners take a proper break after Christmas

- November 22, 2016 2 MIN READ

The end of a year is a hectic time for business owners. While our friends and family can apply for leave and not think about work for 14 days, for business owners it’s difficult to escape.

If you own a product-based business I know how it is. Every year, by the time Christmas Day arrives you’re exhausted, covered in paper cuts and celebrating the fact you’ve got a whole day where you’re not making a visit to the post office.

If you’re a service-based business owner, chances are you’ve been pressured to wrap up jobs for clients before the Christmas break plus you’re thinking ahead to what you need to do in 2017 and stressing yourself out.

It’s time to breathe.

Here are six strategies that will give business owners some time back, and allow them to take time off at the end of the year, and relax during that time too.

1. Automate your messaging

Set up an automated response on not only your email, but your social media instant messaging as well. In this message, let people know that you have received their query and will get to them in X hours. We have a little more range over the holiday season, so don’t hesitate to pop in 48, or even 72 hours. This will give you some space to respond in your own time, knowing that you’ve set firm expectations.

2. Batch your time

If you must check your emails over the break, it’s great to put some structure around it. Check into your business at 4pm for an hour or similar. When you sit down with your laptop, turn the alarm on your phone so you don’t go over time – you’ll be amazed at how efficient you can be when that clock is ticking!

3. Use remarketing

Outsource your marketing for a few weeks and let remarketing take over. By running ads targeting people who have visited your website, you can spend a small budget and keep front of mind with thousands of people who already know you.

4. Let everyone know

Every year, a week before I go on my break, I send an email to all my clients giving them a few days to ask me anything they need before I head off. This sets the expectation that I’ll be unavailable for a certain period (i.e. the following week), but also lets them know they’re a priority right now.

5. Schedule your content

Get cracking now, and schedule every social media post until early February. There are some fantastic content schedulers online, and getting set up means that you will have an online presence even while you’re floating in the pool with a Mills & Boon novel.

6. Have the champagne delivered

Order yourself a box of bubbles as an end of year present. It’s a lovely tax deduction you’ve earned, and now you can relax.

Merry Christmas!