6 top tips for looking great on Zoom

- May 7, 2020 3 MIN READ

Being a personal stylist, I get how important first impressions are! According to a Harvard study of communication it only takes a few seconds to make a first impression on another human being. We really want that first impression to be a positive and meaningful connection. Because this will ultimately generate more sales for our biz. So let’s get straight into it!

Step One

Choose The Best Style of Clothing for Your Bodyshape

Well here’s the good news.. You only need to look good from the top half 😉 Getting dressed for work has never been so easy! Pyjama pants, leggings and trackies are totally acceptable! Just make sure that if you need to move to go and get something in the room, turn the video off so everyone can’t see what you’re wearing on the bottom half… now that would be embarrassing.

It’s really about feeling comfortable in your own skin, so put on your favourite top/ jacket combo. If in doubt I would always recommend a cami and a blazer to create a professional look. If you have a fuller bust I would avoid any turtlenecks and high neck tops. You really want the attention to be at your face, so creating an open neckline will achieve this.


Step Two

Don’t forget Accessories

I would definitely recommend to wear jewellery on zoom calls. Jewellery can really add your personality to your outfit. Just remember don’t go too impactful with accessories. You don’t want the audience looking at your jewellery as opposed to your face. Something delicate like a small pendant on a fine chain would work fab.

Step Three

Work Out The Best Colours 

Have you noticed how colours affect your mood. Colour is a powerful communication tool and can be used to influence mood and physiological reactions. Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange can create emotions such as comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. Cool colours can create emotions such as calmness as well as sadness. So it’s important to be thoughtful about the colours you choose to wear. 

Another factor to consider would be.. does the colour suit your skin/hair and eye tone? Are you best suited to warm or cool colours? Feel free to get a colour test done –contact me >>here<< for more help on this. 

Step Four

Avoid Patterns

Patterns can really distract from your face online which is what you want to avoid. Keep things plain and block colour. See my example in the video.

Step Five

Look at Your Background

The colour of the background is also important. If you’ve got a black background or a dark background, avoid wearing black as this will make you look like a floating head in the black back ground. Not very desirable!

The background also needs to be neat and tidy. You don’t want any washing baskets full of washing in the background if you’re trying to create a professional brand. Keep it neat and tidy.

Ideally you don’t want any distractions such as people walking in the background  or interrupting you. Put a sign on the door saying.. Meeting in Progress so family members know not to come in when the sign is up. If only my 5 year old could read ;-)!!


Step Six

Create Great Lighting

Lighting will also make a big impact on your presentation of yourself.

The idea is to minimal shadows on you face, avoid light directly above your face as this will create shadows under your eyes and make you look like you have bags.

I would suggest that you sit in front of a window so the soft light is on your face. This might be harder if you’re in a study without windows.  A solution would be to get a lamp and put it on just behind your laptop so the light from the lamp is shining directly on your face which will create a similar light to that of the window.

I hope these tips really helpful. 

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This post was written by Shannon Johnson, director of Living for Style.