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6 ways to energise your work day

- July 18, 2019 3 MIN READ

Whether you’re wanting to design a work day dotted with energy boosters, or need some ways to elevate a challenging day, here are six ideas to energise your day and help you bounce into after-work mode feeling great.

Some days have this kind of effortless energy that propels you from one thing to the next in a way that’s both enjoyable and satisfying. Other days seem determined to steal your vitality and leave you energetically broke. Whether you’re wanting to design a work day dotted with energy boosters, or need some ways to elevate a challenging day, here are six ideas to energise your day and help you bounce into after-work mode feeling great.

Mindfully consume

Plan ahead to ensure you eat vitamin-rich foods for breakfast and lunch so you feel good rather than sluggish. And don’t forget to – you guessed it – drink enough water throughout the day. Also think about the content you consume. What uplifts and inspires you before and during your work day? Wisely choose podcasts, radio and blogs that nourish your mind and spirit.

Savour small goals and transition well

To generate some energy, you might want to complete a few small tasks (small wins) to feel a sense of achievement and create momentum. When you’ve completed a significant task, had an important meeting or solved a problem, tick this off in a way that’s satisfying and savour, just for a moment, that small success. Also be mindful of how you transition from one task or part of your day to the next. You might want to move your body in some way to signal you’ve finished one thing and are ready for the next. Take a few deep breaths to create head space and a calm body for the next thing.  

Get physical

Because you’ll feel better for it. Every time. Small actions could be standing while on a phone call, walking or standing meetings or stretching throughout the day. If you’re desk-based, try to move every 30 minutes or so, perhaps for a 5-minute walk outside. For more vigorous activity, you could cycle to or before work, begin your day with a boxing class, or go for a jog or do yoga on a break.

Schedule a passion

Can you bring a passion into your work day? Could you enjoy football footage on a morning break? Research your next blog post or new recipes at lunch break? Or enjoy an autobiography on a 15-minute afternoon break? This much-loved activity will give you a happy burst, remind you of different aspects of your life, and boost your energy before you return to the work day.

Try new and novel

Maybe it’s time to mix up your day to create some energy. You could change your mode of transport to meetings, work in a different space with a different view, or listen to different music. You could even revamp your work space so it’s more inspiring and less cluttered. Perhaps you could attend a webinar or workshop to discover current thinking on a topic that interests you and informs your work. And instead of speaking to someone via phone, you might want to Skype or Face Time to refresh the way you engage.

Don’t forget to socialise

Always look for opportunities. This could be banter at the gym, with a neighbour, on a phone call with a supplier or business partner, or a chat to your barista or sandwich maker. For a breather, you might call your sister or friend. You could have coffee or lunch with a workmate or adviser, or attend a professional event to socialise with people in your field. For big energy boosts, always try to find the fun and funny with work partners and people you interact with during your day. And don’t forget the ‘helper’s high’! Who and how can you help today? Maybe you’re able to assist a client or customer in a more meaningful way. With your professional network, perhaps you could recommend a great marketing book, introduce someone to a helpful contact, or share your expertise with someone who needs it.


Emma Delahey is a Melbourne-based Wellbeing and Confidence Coach for women. She inspires and helps women to develop their passions. Emma is a qualified Life Coach and has a postgraduate qualification in Positive Psychology. Connect with her at [] and on Instagram [] and LinkedIn [].

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