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7 non-negotiable New Year business resolutions

- December 3, 2018 3 MIN READ

There’s a reason gym memberships spike in January and active wear sales go through the roof. New Year’s resolutions are for losers, right? We’re all way too smart to fall into the trap of assessing and reflecting simply because the calendar has flipped.

Yeah, nah.

Arbitrary or not, the New Year is the perfect time for some reflection and planning. No spreadsheet required, here’s some resolutions all about YOU.

#1 See the future in your hands

I’m serious. If you sit at a keyboard and fire off emails and socials all day, your hands need some TLC. Google some hand exercises, print them out, and stick them somewhere you can’t avoid looking at them. Don’t get gnarled before your time and rue the days/years you didn’t take a minute of your day to invest in sprightly hands, fingers and wrists. How will you flip everyone the bird when you’re old if you don’t take care of yourself now?

#2 Understand your money

Money keeps loads of soloists up at night. I’m less than qualified to tell you about P&Ls and BAS and margins. This is big picture stuff.

If you don’t have an accountant to talk it through with, take the leap. Don’t wait to reach some imaginary income level before you think it’s worth it. Great accountants understand your financial and life goals and treat you as a person, not a balance sheet. Shop around for an accountant you feel comfortable with – they’re going to know more about you than your best friend.

#3 Whinge to someone on your side

Call it therapy, counselling, whatever… everyone needs someone to talk to that’s not their friend, partner, parent or anything else other than a person there to listen and support you.

With apologies to the (3.2 million) business coaches out there, do you need a business coach, or do you need a safe space to talk about your whole self? You’re allowed to talk about your business to a ‘regular’ counsellor or psychologist, I do it all the time. And if anyone gives you crap for taking care of your mental health, tell them I said they suck and to go away.

#4 Hug it out

Not one for the touch-me-nots, but there’s scientific evidence (that I made up) that 8 hugs a day is optimal for emotional wellbeing. That’s what I tell my family anyway. If touch lights up your soul, reach out to family and friends for some comfort. Happy you = better business. Just don’t be a creeper. Or you’ll be making friends with a lawyer.

#5 Move it

Don’t let small-biz exhaustion take over your life – feeling like sh1t is not a requirement to be in the club.

Yeah, I bagged out the exercise-resolutioners, but there’s loads of good reasons to get off your butt and shake what your mama gave you. Add it to your calendar like any other appointment – even better if you have a workout buddy or someone to tough love you with accountability. Move it, feel good and get some more energy up your sleeve.

#6 Write better

Obviously, we weren’t getting through this without a little preaching on writing and communicating. Make a vow to up your writing game in the new year, and to put time aside to edit and review what you write. You have a right to be understood, and your customers have a right to understand what it is you’ve got to offer. And writing better feels good. *jumps down from soapbox*

#7 Find the fun

Hustling in your biz can be all consuming – it’s easy to forget life (and business) can be fun.

But there’s a reason you choose this – you love the thing you make/sell/do, or you wanted the freedom to call the shots and have more time to live your best life. Throw out the plan and take a chance on a new project because it looks like a giggle, or you get to work with someone you love spending time with.

What are your NY business resolutions?