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7 ways to fall back in love with your business

- August 5, 2015 3 MIN READ

OK. We do business, we talk business, we think business and we do all of it a lot. It would be impossible not to have the odd day where you don’t love your business as much as you used to. Rest assured, it happens to the best of us so don’t beat yourself up.

But you don’t want to stay in that mode for too long so what can you do about it? Over the years there have been plenty of times when I wasn’t feeling it for my business and the following are seven strategies I’ve used to love my business again.

1. Have a holiday

Often the lack of love is simply due to exhaustion. It’s hard to feel fired up and inspired when you’re pooped and running on fumes. A holiday, even just a weekend away, is a great way to get that mojo back. Of course, there is never a good time to go away. I always say the more reasons you have for not being able to get away the more important it is that you go.

2. Think about what your business gives you

We tend to find a lot of fault in our business and all of the perceived negatives such the hours we have to work, the amount of money we have tied up in it, the stress, the staff issues and piles of other problems. How often do we sit and make a list of all the wonderful things that our business gives us? Things like independence, satisfaction, challenge, freedom, financial reward and so on? Spend some time coming up with your own list of the things your business gives you and watch your perspective change.

3. Get uncomfortable

We all need a pea put under our cushion every once in a while and getting uncomfortable is certainly one way to “wake” ourselves up and renew our zest for life. Those people who are constantly challenging themselves, either intellectually or physically rarely appear to be depressed or negative.

4. Do more of the things you really love to do

Running a business can certainly become totally consuming. All too often we stop doing the things that we really love, simply because the pressure of business, family and relationships don’t leave us a whole lot of time. However, it is vital to have some interests outside of our business, to give our brains a break.

In my workshops I ask people to write down the things they love to do in their spare time and next to each one, I ask them to write down when was the last time they did it. Interestingly enough, lots of people put down a hobby like fishing and the last time they did it was ten years ago. That’s not a hobby, it’s a memory.

5. Outsource the parts of your business that wear you down

Too many business owners waste time and energy doing the things in their business they literally hate – and to make matters worse, they do it badly. You will be stunned at how your outlook on life changes when you outsource or delegate all of the jobs you really can’t stand doing. Make up your own list and commit to getting other people to do the things you don’t want to do anymore.

6. Surround yourself with awesome people

And I say “awesome” here for a reason, because surrounding yourself with “good” people is just not setting the bar high enough. Typically when I encounter people who are struggling in life, they don’t have positive and energetic people around them. In fact they have the opposite – negative, low energy people who bring everyone down. If you haven’t got awesome people around you, go out and find some.

7. Get your hands dirty in your community

If you want to feel better about your life, spend time with someone whose life is really, really bad. Commit to helping out at a homeless shelter once a week and you will soon see just how wonderful your own life actually is. Donate some time at the local RSPCA, visit an aged care facility or get involved in a clean-up campaign. Do something that will be good for your soul and good for your community.

Do you have any go-to methods to help you love your business again when you’re in a slump?