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73 reasons to start your own business

- April 18, 2018 5 MIN READ

Often the best source of inspiration are people living the life you’re still dreaming of. Here’s 73 reasons why these Aussie soloists started their business.

Want to make the jump to soloism but just don’t know if your ‘why’ is enough? We asked 73 Flying Solo members what finally helped them take the plunge.

Add yours to the (lengthy) list below:

  1. Phillip Kennedy: I wanted to make something unique and get back to basics.
  2. Bronwyn Lawson: I was pregnant and needed to work from home.
  3. Rebecca Skagestad: I wanted more flexibility so I could be at home when my kids needed me
  4. Felicity Crocker: I wanted to be in control of who I worked with.
  5. Ellen Kronen: I had to. I’d been made redundant after 20 years with one employer and there were no jobs … so I had to make my own
  6. Korryn Haines: I had no luck finding suitable work when I returned from maternity leave and grew tired of the drop and run with my son that I had to do working as a temp.
  7. Kerri Minkie: Redundancy during GFC helped me turn my side gig into a full time income and as others have said – control of who I work with …
  8. Julie Janzon: I could not get a job after 9 months and 30 interviews. “Too qualified” … what does that mean?
  9. Lynne Robb: I’ve always wanted to, and needed to scratch the itch, so to speak.
  10. Karina Klaas: Every Group Certificate I ever received reminded me that the company had just bought my soul for a year. No longer for sale.
  11. Kathleen Connell: I did not want to regret the opportunity, (joy and challenge) to be my own boss. (As opposed to…)(add your own words!).  Also Flying Solo gave me the community, resources and fun to help my drive.
  12. Bree Nai: because I need to spend more time with my kids
  13. Carrie McLean: I couldn’t find a one stop shop of safe products and foods for my allergies and health issues. I want to help others by providing safe and natural alternatives.
  14. Doug Rutte: The Work/Life balance Unicorn!
  15. Leisa Molloy: At the time, there was a major clash between my personal values and those of the organisation I worked for, and I no longer felt like I could be myself. So I left and now only do work I’m proud of
  16. Kate Toon: I got pregnant.
  17. Norah Colvin: I’ve always wanted to make my own decisions about how I spend my time.
  18. Fredy Namdin:  At that time it sounded like a great idea .. if only I knew .. I would’ve started earlier
  19. Paul Seidel: We couldn’t keep working 12 hour days for someone else and not having control of how we lived our life (in saying that, still trying to find the work/life balance !!!).
  20. Stacy Hamilton: I wanted toga was more flexibility with my family.
  21. Sizwe Nyuka: I was tired of being broke.
  22. Lee Rushby Doherty: I became ill and as recovering needed more flexibility with hours of work to manage it…. thank god it happened otherwise I think I’d still be in corporate world
  23. Amanda Phoenix: I wanted to prove a point
  24. Rajiv Jayarajah: I wanted to follow my passion and create something my son could take over
  25. Caroline Pollard: Aside from flexibility of work hours, I love helping people achieve their goals!
  26. Deb Vella: We needed to create more flexibility for our family and working 9 to 5 in an office wasn’t going to achieve that.
  27. Margaret Rode: I wanted to be able to choose to whom I give my energy and creativity, and make sure I believed in their mission. (Plus, I don’t do politics or game-playing, so I’m almost completely unemployable at this point…
  28. Kirsty McCann Leckie: I enjoy being creative and making sustainable fashion for all ages.
  29. Marty Yates: I don’t work well with others
  30. Caron Margarete: I wanted Location Independence, which differs from flexible work because I want to be anywhere in the world with an internet connection! ☆
  31. Natalie Daggar: I needed a lifestyle that worked around my family and made a great income.
  32. Mandy Tanner:After 22 years of working for someone else and in local government, it was time. Plus, I relocated to Australia from the UK on a business class visa with my partner – we had to start a business. After a few not so profitable ventures, we hit on a winning one.
  33. Cameron Pope: The product I coveted did not exist.
  34. Grant A. Mullen: People I loved needed help and nobody else was able to provide it.
  35. Caroline Pollard: Aside from flexibility of work hours, I love helping people achieve their goals!
  36. Virginia Blake:  I could do what I love (food) while using my creative talents (art), that would fit around my family.
  37. Damon MacFarlane: I was sick of working 80 hour weeks for a 10% profit share. also sick of having my ideas squashed because they didn’t fit in to the company ethos only to see those same ideas appear 12 – 18 months later out of HO with a fancier name.
  38. Nelle Baird: I was sick of supermarket produce.
  39. Reenie MsBare Henderson; I love what I do and knew I could do a better job than the boss I was working for.
  40. Justine Miller:  I wanted to be my boss.
  41. Sarah Bernhardi:  When I tried to buy a business I thought had legs, they pulled out at the last minute …so I started my own in the same line …from scratch. Right product, great market …just needed proper execution. Flying!
  42. Peter Crocker: I hated my job . (To clarify I DID always want to go it alone, but running away from a stressful job was the shove I needed!)
  43. Glenn Davo: Because I couldn’t stand doing the 9-5 or similar and hate taking orders. I’ll make my money my way
  44. Ness Hartge:  I was told by my employer I had to return full time or not at all after my maternity leave. So I extended my leave for an extra 12 months and in that time completed my studies and started my own business. I now thank them ‘cause life is much better!
  45. Tracey Walker: I don’t like playing by other’s rules!
  46. David Thomas: I saw an opportunity.
  47. Kylie Borodin: I like working in my pyjamas.
  48. Glenn Osmond McLeod: I started my business because my other business looked to have failed.
  49. Petina Walsh: I couldn’t find the right product to buy so I made it.
  50. Louise Marshall: I needed the flexibility & to remove myself from poor leadership
  51. Dani Elle:  I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.
  52. Rebecca Stamp: I want to be able to buy a house for my kids and I while still being available for school pick up and anything else that pops up!
  53. Gabbie Hine:  I hate working for other people
  54. Mitchell Elson: I couldn’t get job interviews. So I made my own work.
  55. Dan Buzer: I’m Unemployable
  56. Rebecca Jane: I needed the money!
  57. Marc Thomas:  I want share my gardening knowledge with others. In order to share more, I will need more time to write and so my side hustle will have to make money so I can eventually quit my day job. I’m thinking of the benefit to others and not to myself.
  58. Lucy Stocker: I couldn’t handle doing another PowerPoint presentation.
  59. Siu Ling Hui: I got sick of the corporate BS.(And I didn’t like the ethics ..or lack thereof).
  60. Peter Dyball: I got tired of corporate bullshit and knew I could make more of a difference to the industry with my own business.
  61. Justine Sandry: I want to leave a legacy for my children and children’s children.
  62. Isabelle Davis: I was sick working hard to make someone else money
  63. Kerry Zarb: I wanted to work for myself and have the ability to help others in small business from years of experience.
  64. Jackie Watt: I was made redundant from the public service. Have now found my niche
  65. Lou Hammer: I wanted to be my own boss.
  66. Dawn Hills: My boss wouldn’t give me a pay rise so I left and started my own business. Haven’t looked back after 12 years.
  67. Chris Datsusara:  Missed withholds at my full time job
  68. Clint James Shadowrider: No one was doing it
  69. Istvan Csemiczky: Better try and fail, then never try.
  70. Phil Owens: To provide a good life for my children. I’m retired now.
  71. Kim Nicholls: Because I did not know that I would be paying the taxes that Company’s should be paying
  72. Wendy Hardman: I could no longer compromise my personal values as required for a place in the mainstream workforce.
  73. Justin Lush: I don’t like being told what to do by people who are stupid.

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