8 ways to make your 2018 business resolutions (before it’s too late)

- August 25, 2018 2 MIN READ

Welcome to the planet of broken business resolutions. Here’s how to get out alive!

I’m convinced there’s a special place, far up in the universe, for new year’s business resolutions that you never quite get around to.

Let’s call it the planet of broken resolutions.

A bit like its neighbour, the planet of unrequited love, the planet of broken resolutions is a place you hope you’ll never visit.

And would have no doubt laughed off the mere suggestion, as you knocked back the last of the champers, in the warm glow of a friend’s backyard, last new year’s eve.

Just, for example.

The planet of broken new year’s resolutions

But of course, here we are. It’s practically September and that means we have about 3.5 months to ensure we don’t make it to the planet of business resolution despair.

So what can we do about it?

Having righteously proclaimed on our Flying Solo Member Lounge Facebook page, my intention to rid myself of disorganisation this year, I too have a vested interest in finding a quick fix.

Because a) it’s almost September and b) I’m not the engine of efficiency and organisation I’d hope to be.


Don’t wait any longer. Make a plan

And yet it’s okay, soothes productivity expert and Flying Solo member, Debbie Eglin of the Productivity Hub, who responded to my PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THE MOST of 2018, email with kindness and efficiency.

According to Debbie, there’s a lot we can do over the next three and a bit months, to help us make our mark in 2018 – we just need to make a plan.

Debbie Eglin’s productivity tips

Here are Debbie’s top 8 tips to getting it done:

  1. If you’ve still got a number of goals that you’ve yet to achieve, pick your top 1 – 3 that will give you the biggest return for your effort or will make the biggest difference to your business (per the Pareto principle).
  2. Make sure the goals you’ve set are SMART goals – specific, attainable, relevant, time-based.
  3. Map out a project plan of tasks and actions to help you reach your goals. Break down the major tasks into manageable chunks.
    a. Schedule these chunks into smaller daily tasks so that you are incrementally working towards achieving your goals
    b. Completing a little each day towards your goals will create momentum.
  4. Set time frames and milestones to complete your tasks and actions – having a milestone date or task deadline is a must to ensure it gets done.
  5. Make sure your tasks are written down in a project plan – if you’re a procrastinator pop your daily tasks on a whiteboard or piece of paper that’s front and centre all day long – and don’t allow yourself to finish for the day until its complete.
  6. Set yourself rewards or create celebrations for meeting your milestones (even small rewards can help continued momentum).
  7. It’s easy to overestimate just how much you can achieve (especially when putting family, friends, health & life into the mix). Be realistic about how much time you have to work towards your goals – don’t set yourself up for failure.
  8. If you can’t find the time (or are procrastinating) – wake up 30 minutes earlier and make sure completing that task that’s moving you towards your goal is the first thing you do.

What’s your biggest goal to tick off by the end of 2018?